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Last Minute Gift for a Slow Computer

With the Holiday Season in full swing many shoppers are looking to find that practical gift that might replace the traditional ice scraper, flashlight, or calculator we have all received. While these items do carry a practical solution to common problems there are fewer gifts that carry less thought or appeal. It’s time to think outside the box.

Chances are there’s at least one computer user on your gift list this year and while getting a new mouse or speakers seems like a great idea they really provide little lasting value to the actual computer. The truth is, if you’re looking for a practical gift that any computer owner would love then defragmentation software could be your answer.

While it might not sound glamorous, it’s probably the most important piece of software a computer owner installs. This is due in large part to what defragmentation software can bring to a computer owner. By simply installing defragmentation software a computer owner can gain added speed and extend the life span of the computer.

Defragmentation software eliminates and continues to protect your computer from fragmented files. Fragmentation is often the culprit behind your slow computer performance which means, any time you have to wait to log on to your computer, experience delays in loading applications and pages, struggle to browse the internet, or have difficulty accessing or sending email, chances are your hard drive is carrying the disease.

Fragmentation, like any other disease, will continue to spread and cripple the hard drive if it is left untreated. No matter how new a computer is it needs to be protected from this disease. Because a hard drive saves information in a particular manner it makes it susceptible to fragmentation and the trouble that that brings. Hard drives are designed to save files in a contiguous manner, without thought of editing or deleting at a future date. When those files are edited or deleted at a future date it creates a fragmented file or empty space on the hard drive. This is the root cause of a computer slowdown.

Without defragmentation software a computer’s hard drive will not only slow down, but will ultimately crash and take all of its saved information with it. Defragmentation will ensure that a hard drive’s fragmented files are repaired and eliminates future files from becoming fragmented. This dramatically increases the speed of a computer and adds years to its life.

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