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Meridian DSP3300 Digital Active Center Loudspeaker


Meridian introduced the DSP3300, a versatile digital speaker ideal for main, center channel and surround operation in smaller and medium-sized systems. It features dual 165mm bass drivers for powerful, impressive bass and an 85mm wide-range driver. Each driver is mounted in its own subsidiary enclosure. Two powerful amplifiers, coupled with Meridian's award-winning DSP crossover system, give the DSP3300 an extremely impressive performance both in terms of bass and overall sound pressure levels for a loudspeaker of this size.

DSP3300 forms the ideal center channel complement to a pair of DSP3200 loudspeakers: the latter use identical drivers and deliver a sonic signature that matches the DSP3300 well. A compact but very capable surround system can be configured using DSP3300 units throughout.

The DSP3300 is an ideal building block in a smaller Meridian system, for example coupled with an Audio Core 200, for adding an extra zone to a multi-room system, or for use as main, surround or centre channel loudspeakers in a smaller multichannel environment.

Meridian DSP3300 Digital Active Center Loudspeaker - Ports

The DSP3300 features an ingenious cabinet design with a rubber mount (supplied) that allows the speaker to be placed free-standing either horizontally or vertically. The mount can be used either to support the loudspeaker vertically or to angle it upwards in horizontal position.

In addition, the use of a single, centrally located wide-range driver enables the loudspeaker to deliver excellent stereo imaging, whether positioned horizontally or vertically. DSP control ensures that the speaker delivers its best regardless of position.

The cabinet design provides wide, full-range dispersion, which permits an extensive listening area. The DSP3300 may be wall-mounted using the same Konig & Meyer 24471 wall brackets as used on the DSP3200.

Drive Units
The DSP3300 features three drive units, dual 165mm bass drivers and an 85mm wide-range driver. The drive units are built around an extremely rigid and stable die-cast aluminium chassis.

The bass drivers features a specially-designed stiff, yet light polypropylene cone piston and dustcap with a low-loss rubber surround. The large, 56mm diameter voice coil employs heavy gauge copper wire in a 4-layer bifilar winding and features a very efficient hybrid neodymium magnetic motor design, providing extremely linear performance, thus minimising colouration and mechanical distortion. The wide-range driver includes an aluminium alloy cone piston with low-loss rubber surround, and features a 20mm diameter voice coil using heavy copper-clad aluminium wire. It also features an extremely efficient neodymium magnetic motor design.

The DSP3300 is driven via Meridian SpeakerLink, which provides balanced digital audio and control signals from the host Meridian controller or source. Both input and output are provided, enabling loudspeakers to be “daisy-chained” if this is more practical than the preferred “home run” arrangement. A selector switch allows each DSP3300 to be set up as Left/Center or Right speaker in a system.

Inside the unit is a powerful DSP crossover. Incoming signals are optimised with multiple FIFO buffering, and upsampled using Meridian's proprietary 'apodising'- style filter that is free from pre-echo effects, thus delivering a cleaner, better-defined, more 'high-definition' sound whatever the source material, while at the same time correcting errors introduced by filters earlier in the chain — for example as a result of the original recording system.

Meridian DSP3300 Digital Active Center Loudspeaker - Back

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The DSP is followed by individual digital-to-analog conversion stages with extremely high precision analogue and digital design, delivering maximum dynamic range and overall audio quality. The analogue signal is then passed to powerful, highly linear, low output-impedance power amplifiers. These feature exceptional performance including low noise, low distortion, and high quality components, and are coupled directly to the drivers.

Each DSP3300 loudspeaker is built around a precision-manufactured cabinet, which uses innovative design techniques to give exceptionally low colouration and impressive midrange transparency.
The acoustically-sealed enclosure is fabricated from curved, pressure-laminated plywood panels, each using multiple layers of carefully-selected woods to provide high stiffness and damping.


  • Meridian SpeakerLink in and out (RJ45)
  • Left/Center, Right selector switch
  • 2-way sealed enclosure system
  • 2 x 165mm polypropylene bass driver
  • 1 x 85mm aluminium cone wide-range driver
  • Two 75W power amplifiers, bass and wide- range
  • Overall distortion typically <0.02% at any frequency or level
  • Rear-mounted LED
  • Height (horizontal orientation): 206mm (8.1in); width: 555mm (21.9in); depth: 235mm (9.25in)
  • Weighs 11.5kg (25.3lb) per unit
  • May be used free-standing horizontally or vertically, eg on shelf
  • Rubber mount allows unit to be placed vertically or angled up when horizontal.
  • Wall mounting via Konig & Meyer 24471 bracket (same as DSP3200)
  • Recommended ≥80mm (3.15in) clearance behind unit

Price and Availability
The Meridian DSP3300 Digital Active Loudspeaker is available from September 2011 in high gloss black or white for $3,995 each.

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