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MagneticTime Announces MT1


Listen to Your Emails and Word Docs on iPods, Cellphones, PDAs & PCs Wherever You Go

Limerick, Ireland — MagneticTime™ – (, the innovative mobile audio company, announced today MT1 software for iPod, PC, PDA and cellphone, which lets you listen to your emails and Word documents in MP3 format while traveling, commuting or even exercising.

Perfect for busy business executives, gadgeteers and students, MagneticTime’s MT1 allows you to listen to your Outlook, Outlook Express & Word documents like ‘songs,’ since they are automatically converted to MP3 files on your iPod, cellphone, PDA or PC. MT1’s audio files are designed to take advantage of the standard functions of any MP3 player, so emails and documents can be played, paused, stopped, skipped back & forward, and filed in Playlists, etc.

Work While you Commute
MT1 is a day-to-day personal and business tool, allowing users to catch up with key work or listen to messages from friends or relatives while commuting to or from work. In addition, MT1 can be used for personal applications like building portable & audioized email & document libraries, educational course revision and personal document storage.

“The implications for corporate communications, training, and education are profound. Several universities in the U.S. are looking at using the iPod as a means to distribute course content to students, such as for the recordings of lectures,” said Richard O’Donnell, CEO MagneticTime. “The MT1 series takes that approach a step further by allowing any Word-based course content to also be converted to voice.”

How it Works
MT1 automatically creates a new Outlook folder. Once a new email arrives in your inbox, it’s automatically selected & copied to that folder, where it awaits processing and translation to audio. This process is automatic — you do nothing. MT1 also allows you to listen to emails with Word document attachments. When you’re ready to listen to your emails on your iPod, cellphone or PDA, simply connect that device to your PC and press the download button. You’re now ready to listen to your emails. It’s that simple.

Acapela Speech Technology
Advances in speech technology now mean that the old synthesized ‘tin can’ voices of the past have been replaced with new natural sounding voices. MT1 uses Acapela high quality text-to-speech technology, which transforms emails or word attachments into natural speech, reading it aloud with the flexibility and richness of natural sounding speech. Acapela speaks multiple languages and reads proper names, numbers and currencies for optimal and smooth restitution of the information.

MT1 Features:
• New millennium ‘natural’ voices, NO bad sci-fi movie voices!
• Uses 4 times less space than a typical MP3.
• Listen on your PC too (‘Desktop Player’ is included).
• Listen while commuting (car, train, subway, plane) or at the gym.
• Automatically selects and downloads your daily emails to your MP3 player of choice.
• Select Word documents to audioize and take with you.
• Stores your emails and Word documents like music.
• Builds your portable email & document ‘audio’ library.
• Play them now, or anytime (or place) in the future.
• No need to delete. Algorithms ensure minimum space requirements (storage capacities on many devices are also now so large that it would take a lifetime to fill them up).
• MT1 is currently in English only. MT2 will be available soon in many other languages.
• Costs less than a couple of iPod cables!

The MT1 software is immediately available for Windows and will be available for Mac early 2006 for download at: priced at $39.99. Currently available in English, MagneticTime will also be available soon in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian Dutch and Swedish. For more information, see the website

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