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Loiminchay Audios Kandinsky Hybrid Speaker System


“There is no must in art because art is free.” — Wassily Kandinsky

Loiminchay Audio, manufacturers of hand-crafted luxurious, extreme performance, limited-edition loudspeakers for connoisseurs, features their Kandinsky horn/hybrid speaker system. They’re artist inspired and artisan crafted for a unique and exceptional appearance and a totally remarkable musical experience.

They’re designed in New York by owner Patrick Chu, a maker of world-famous luxury-quality Loiminchay pens, sought after by collectors around the world. Patrick celebrates the same artistic passion with his Loiminchay speaker systems. They’re hand made by dedicated teams in his atelier in China. Each heavily-braced enclosure is painstakingly crafted, layer by layer, from beautifully formed Birch MultiPly laminate resulting in a beautifully shaped, extremely nonresonant structure. The cabinets are bored out then finished inside and out with fully sixteen coats of the finest hand-polished lacquer for a lustrous cabinet so finely sealed that no air bubbles remain to leak internal pressurized air. The bass enclosure and the magnificent horn are hand-shaped in the laminate during fabrication.

This elegant, exotic hybrid speaker handles frequencies from 1500Hz to 27kHz with a beautifully-crafted 19-inch horn driven by a custom 2-inch beryllium high-compression driver. The top module is lovingly hand-sculpted from layers of 30mm/1.2-inch Birch MultiPly laminate, the workmanship beyond reproach by any standard.

The substantial bass module is fabricated of the same 30mm/1.2-inch Birch laminate, featuring a 12-inch woofer mounted on a 1-inch concrete plinth covered with fine leather for a remarkably nonresonant driver platform. Inside the voluptuously-shaped cabinet you’ll find substantial bracing and premium lamb’s wool. A10-inch midbass driver augments the 12-inch woofer for an even greater sense of the original recording environment. The Kandinsky reaches down to a formidable 30Hz with 90dB/2m efficiency at 8 ohms and 100 watt of power handling. It features a biwired silver internal wiring harness, heavy-duty binding posts, and an adjustable bass control, weighing about 200lbs in your listening room.
The sound is magnificent, the craftsmanship and finish achingly beautiful, deep and lustrous, the speaker’s presence sculptural and unique. The Kandinsky will fill medium large to very large rooms with the full power and majesty of music as intended to be experienced.

Measuring Up
“Measurements are very important but only part of the story,” explains Patrick. “Everything makes a difference in the sound; the choice of drivers, the shape and density of the cabinet, how well it’s braced, the quality and quantity of the lamb’s wool stuffing, how the sound waves flow around the cabinet’s exterior surfaces, and even which lacquer finish you choose! That’s right, a Kandinsky in high gloss piano black sounds slightly different than one in MultiClear lacquer or the custom-order solid cherry. That’s why every pair’s crossover is optimized for the best possible overall sound.”

Being There
Kandinsky was a pioneer of abstract art, his colorful explosions and abstract forms reached out for new context and meaning. His visual language was unique as he explored deep into abstraction and the inner self.

The Loiminchay Kandinsky is the audiophile solution for “Being There”. Some large-speaker enthusiasts prefer horns, others moving-coil drivers. The hybrid Kandinsky fuses both technologies for a ravishingly beautifully and balanced sound. The elegant horn projects music deep into the listening room with tonal purity, coherence, scale and dynamics, the beryllium compression driver showing its quality and drive in the upper and middle frequencies. The bass enclosure’s 10 and 12-inch moving-coil drivers merge seamlessly with the dramatic horn pressurizing the listening room with stunning, powerful bass that delivers the sense of the original recording venue with rich and controlled low frequencies supporting a dynamic, transparent, dimensional and palpable soundstage.

The Kandinsky is a passionate and stunning performer in large rooms, keeping the listener in intimate contact with the music. It rises to the musical and emotional occasion each and every time you listen. Its exotic, sculptural shapes reveal an extraordinary build quality, complemented by the deep natural luster of clear lacquer over Birch MultiPly, or a deep and rich piano lacquer finish.

Loiminchay speakers reproduce the precise to the passionate: Glenn Gould caressing his master’s voice or Vladimir Horowitz in full expressive flight. Loiminchay effortlessly takes you to the very essence of the music.

Experience the Art of Performance!
Patrick Chu,
President Loiminchay Audio
Loiminchay • 46-39 Parsons Boulevard, Flushing, NY 11355
212.941.7488 •

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