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Lenco 400 Series Turntables Celebrate 75 Years of Swiss Engineering… Sorta

The Lenco 400 Series Turntables celebrate 75 years of Swiss engineering, but disappointingly go the belt-driven route instead.

Lenco LS-410 Turntable Lifestyle

Before you get too excited about the idea that Lenco are reissuing one of their classic idler drive turntables, you need to lower your expectations. I actually put my reading glasses on for this one because I wanted to make sure I didn’t misinterpret the opening paragraph. The Lenco 400 Series Turntables are “geared” towards a very different audience — the Crosley, Victrola or Audio-Technica crowd.

A part of me thinks that Lenco is missing an opportunity here because I would purchase a brand new Lenco L75 in a heartbeat but the new company is not the same. Fritz and Marie Laeng who started Lenco AG passed away many years ago and the new Dutch ownership is focused on a different segment of the market.

There are a number of companies like PTP Audio and Artisan Fidelity that do excellent Lenco L75-based designs but the price tag is significantly different.

You could buy a car for the price of the Artisan Fidelity version with a Koetsu cartridge.

Lenco LS-440 Turntable
Lenco LS-440

The new Lenco 400 Series is for the dorm room, home office, or guest bedroom — which is perfectly fine considering the connectivity options and the price.

The included Audio-Technica MM cartridge is probably the best part of the package.

Audio Technica MM Phono Cartridge
Audio Technica MM Phono Cartridge

The Lenco faces some stiff competition from Andover Audio, Fluance, and Crosley in this segment but the brand name does carry some weight with audiophiles — I’m just not sure how much.

The 400 range including the 410 with a wooden finish, the 430 in Black or Brown and the 440 with either an impressive blue fabric or grey fabric finish.

Lenco LS-430 Turntable
Lenco LS-430

For the ideal home setup, the new range of turntables each include four built-in speakers (2 x 15 watt and 2 x 10 watt amplifiers), delivering an extremely balanced sound. Setup is simple with no additional speakers, wires or amplifier required as users simply need to plug in and put their favourite vinyl on.

With Bluetooth 5.0, it is also possible to stream music directly to the speakers from a smartphone or tablet, whilst the included USB port allows users to convert their vinyl record collection into digital audio formats, making the digitising of record collections easier than ever before.

Lenco LS-410 Turntable Front
Lenco LS-410

With adjustable speed options of 33 and 45 rpm, both singles and LPs can be played on the LS-400 series of belt-driven turntables.

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Price & Availability

The 400 range including the 410 with a wooden finish, the 430 in Black or Brown and the 440 with either an impressive blue fabric or grey fabric finish. The 400 range are available from Gear4Music and The Lenco UK Website with pricing starting from £219.99. Amazon UK is also expected to stock towards the end of February 2022.

  • Lenco LS-440 – £249.99 | $295.00
  • Lenco LS-430 – £239.99 | $283.00
  • Lenco LS-410 – £219.99 | $259.50
Lenco LS-440 Turntable Rear
Lenco LS-440
Lenco LS-430 Turntable Rear
Lenco LS-430
Lenco LS-410 Turntable Rear
Lenco LS-410


  1. ORT

    February 2, 2022 at 2:07 am

    It is beautiful. I must say that were it not for what I call “Crosley Kids”, the young folk that brought about the Renaissance of Vinyl because Crosley Radio made record players cool again,I do not think vinyl would have made such an excellent come back.

    I have a Crosely and it works just fine. Plays records more than well enough and looks cool doing so.

    I dare say this little ‘table is a work of art, even if no one named Art ever worked on it. I would sooner own it than some of the players costing in in excess of tens of thousand of dollars that look like some thing Robbie the Robot from “Forbidden Planet” may have coughed up like a mechanical hairball… 😉

    I would not mind owning one of these beautiful Lencos for the same sentimental reasons I would not mind living in Brigadoon…

    I am watching the film right now and class is for ever in style. Thank you for showing this on your site! I truly mean that.

    One thing my beloved mother taught me is that most men strive for immortality but all too many, too far often settle for immorality. She is Cashew and would add that with the addition of a “cross” (t), immorality can be changed to immortality. Sadly she has dementia and cannot recall much of what she taught me in my youth, but I still do.

    This turntable reminds me of a better time. Thanks again, brother!

    Any one gives you grief about my words, they are the ones who settle for less. 😉


    • Ian White

      February 2, 2022 at 2:27 am


      It showed the Lenco to my mother tonight and asked her which one she would rather have — the Pro-Ject A1 or the Lenco?

      “Can I listen to alone in my room while your father futzes with the ridiculous stereo in the living room?”

      “Yes. It has speakers under the turntable.”

      “Is it any good for $300?”

      “Since when did you care if a turntable is good for $300?”

      “I’m 75. It better last 10 more years.”

      Ian White

  2. ORT

    February 2, 2022 at 12:10 pm

    Ian –

    In respect to music and record players, I am my mother’s son. 🙂

    I looked on Amazon and did not (yet?) see these beauties and I am hoping that they will be available in the USA. Right now I am looking at buying another Dual. It is a model 1237 and I have made an offer based upon what having my 1246 refitted is running me.

    And of course I have begun saving for the new Pro-Ject Automat A1. Why? Because there are wants and needs and some times the lines between them “blur”.

    All of my players will one day go to my children and then to their children. And with them I hope to bequeath the memories associated with the music they play.

    Tell your beloved mother I said hello. I bet she would get a laugh out of the nickname bestowed upon me by my mom’s side of the family. It is not naughty but per my Auntie Jackie, it fits.


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