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KRK V4, V6, V8 Series 4 Powered Studio Speakers

KRK V SERIES 4 Powered Reference Monitors

The new KRK Systems V Series 4 nearfield studio monitors are specifically designed for audio production applications where accurate reproduction is critical. The new speakers include four, six and eight inch models (V4, V6, V8). KRK worked with hundreds of pro engineers/producers/mixers to develop these groundbreaking powered speakers. Recording and broadcast studios as well as sound design and audio production houses will benefit from adding the V Series 4 as the go to monitor of choice.

V-Series 4 includes 49 user selectable equalizer settings to ensure proper setup for room acoustics and placement anomalies as well as taste and individual preference. The KRK design team has painstakingly modeled and analyzed hundreds of monitor placement and room acoustic situations to ensure that KRK delivers the most useful tools with minimal adjustments.

KRK V SERIES 4 Powered Reference Monitors with grilles

“Many months of development and dedication went into these monitors. The KRK R & D team, with the help of hundreds of professional engineers, producers and mixers worked hard to develop a monitor that would win back the lovers of the original V Series monitors; and give users of the wildly popular ROKIT series a natural upgrade path, as well as win brand new fans.” says Rich Renken, Product Manager KRK.


  • KRK custom designed Kevlar tweeter
  • KRK custom designed Woven Kevlar woofer
  • Optimized front ported bass reflex enclosure design
  • Bi-amped Class-D amplification
  • Acoustic and desk loading condition correction Low Frequency EQ’s
  • Mid and High Frequency EQ’s
  • Precise input level attenuation switch
  • Standby, ground lift, input sensitivity, and logo LED selectors
  • Optional protective grille included for mobile broadcast applications
  • Friction lock, Neutrik combo (XLR and TRS) connector
  • Robust EVA foam pad for non-skid and acoustic isolation
  • Universal threaded mounting bracket points

KRK V SERIES 4 Back View


V4 V6 V8
MSRP $399 $599 $799



System type

Active Studio Monitor

Low-Frequency Transducer

Woofer, 4″ cast aluminum frame, Kevlar cone, ferrite magnet

Woofer, 6.5″ cast aluminum frame, Kevlar cone, ferrite magnet

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Woofer, 8″ cast aluminum frame, Kevlar cone, ferrite magnet

High-Frequency Transducer

Tweeter, 1″, Kevlar dome, ferrite magnet

Tweeter, 1″, Kevlar dome, ferrite magnet

Tweeter, 1″, Kevlar dome, ferrite magnet

Frequency Response (+/- 3dB)

58Hz – 19kHz

49Hz – 19kHz

35Hz – 19kHz

Frequency Range (-10dB)

50Hz – 24kHz

40Hz – 24kHz

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29Hz – 24kHz

Crossover Frequency





LF (55 Watts), HF (30 Watts), Total (85 Watts)

LF (125 Watts), HF (30 Watts), Total (155 Watts)

LF (200 Watts), HF (30 Watts), Total (230 Watts)

Peak SPL

110 dBSPL

115 dBSPL

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118 dBSPL


Balanced 10k ohm XLR / 1/4″ combo input, standard IEC power Controls


Level Attenuation

(-3.0dB, -2.5dB, -2.0dB, -1.5dB, -1.0dB, -0.5dB, 0dB) System Settings

System Settings


Low Control

L1 (Low Shelf -3dB 75Hz), L2 (Low Shelf -1.5dB 75Hz), L3 (Low Shelf -2dB 75Hz / Low Mid Peq -2dB 200Hz), L4 (Flat), L5 (Low Mid Peq -2dB 200Hz), L6 (Low Shelf +1.5dB 75Hz), L7 (Low Shelf +3dB 75Hz)

L1 (Low Shelf -3dB 60Hz), L2 (Low Shelf -1.5dB 60Hz), L3 (Low Shelf -2dB 60Hz / Low Mid Peq -2dB 200Hz), L4 (Flat), L5 (Low Mid Peq -2dB 200Hz), L6 (Low Shelf +1.5dB 60Hz), L7 (Low Shelf +3dB 60Hz)

High Control

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H1 (High Shelf -2dB 10kHz, H2 (High Shelf -1dB 10kHz / High Mid Peq -1dB 3.5kHz), H3 (High Mid Peq -1dB 3.5kHz), H4 (Flat), H5 (High Mid Peq +1dB 3.5kHz), H6 (High Shelf +1dB 10kHz / High Mid Peq +1dB 3.5kHz, H7 (High Shelf +2dB 10kHz)


30 Minutes

Enclosure Construction

MDF / Aluminum

Protective Grilles (included)

Perforated steel, powder coated, covers both TWR and WFR


Tool for switches included with unit, threaded inserts on bottom of enclosures compatible with KRKSTDX4A1 pole mount adapter and KRKSTDX8A1 wall mount

Dimensions (H x W x D)

10.08″ (256mm) x 6.54″ (166mm) x 8.58″ (218mm)

13.89″ (353mm) x 9.09″ (231mm) x 11.34″ (288mm)

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17.13″ (435mm) x 11.18″ (284mm) x 13.66″ (347mm)


12.78 Lbs. (5.8 Kg.)

20.72Lbs. (9.4 Kg.)

31.75 Lbs. (14.4 Kg.)


V-Series 4 VXT Series
KRK designed Kevlar dome tweeter and woofer maintain consistency across the entire frequency spectrum and timbre. Silk dome tweeter and Kevlar woofer
Hybrid MDF/Aluminum Enclosure minimizes resonance and improves stability for superior imaging ABS plastic enclosure
Precision input level attenuation switch provides repeatable settings Volume potentiometer
49 combinations of EQ settings tailor the speaker to varying environments and personal taste. High and Low shelving EQs as well as Mid peak EQs. 9 combinations of EQ, High and Low shelving controls
ERP standby feature saves power when not in use No standby
Speaker grille included; easy to insert or remove Optional speaker grille not included
Class D amplification runs cooler, is lighter, and has zero crossover distortion Class A-B amplification
Auto-ranging switch mode power supply handles any voltage around the world Toroidal power supply
Input sensitivity selection accommodates +4 and -10 dB studios None
Logo on/off and dimming to fit your studio’s ambience None
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