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KRK KNS 6402 Headphones Deliver Sonic Fireworks for $99

KRK Systems are better known for their pro audio products including powered monitors so we’re expecting studio level performance from the KNS 6402 headphones.


2021 has rather quickly become the year of the “affordable headphone” with a number of excellent models from HiFiMan, Audio-Technica, Grado Labs, and now KRK Systems. It’s hard to find something decent below $100 and when you do — it’s usually a thing to buy more than one pair. The KRK KNS 6402 headphones are priced at $99 USD and we have a pair already on its way for review.

The KRK KNS 6402 headphones provide an accurate listening experience in a cost-effective and highly durable package that’s perfect for a variety of uses. The closed-back, circumaural (“around the ear”) design provides up to 26 dBA of isolation, which significantly reduces headphone “bleed” into the microphones when recording.

KRK KNS 6402 Headphones
KRK KNS 6402 Headphones

Their isolation performance also lets you focus on the music, without distraction from external sounds. With a maximum SPL of 122 dB, they’re capable of providing all the level you’ll ever need while remaining clear and detailed sounding, with very low distortion.

The KRK KNS 6402 have a sensitivity rating of 95 dB (32 ohms) and are very likely tuned as a studio headphone with a neutral tonal balance. It will be interesting to compare them to a number of different headphones in the same price range with a mixture of source devices and Dongle DACs.

KRK KNS 6402 Headphones Flipped

KNS 6402 Features

  • Wide frequency response for detailed sound quality across the entire audible frequency spectrum.
  • Impact resistant plastic construction for light weight and durability.
  • Comfortable acoustic cellular foam pads with leatherette covers provide comfort over long listening sessions.
  • 122 dB Max Peak SPL, so they effortlessly provide all the volume level you’ll ever need.
  • Excellent ambient noise isolation means they won’t bleed into the mics when recording, and you won’t be disturbed by external sounds while listening.
  • Excellent dynamic range with consistent low-distortion performance.
  • Self-aligning yoke system ensures the best possible fit.
  • Replaceable cable, head and ear cushions to insure long life.
  • Accessories include a connection cable with screw-in adapter (fitted), protective soft bag, anti-microbial cleaning cloth, and user manual.

Step-up Model

KRK KNS 8402 Headphones
KRK KNS 8402 Headphones

KRK also announced step-up headphones, model KNS 8402, for $149. The extra cost appears to mostly improve comfort and convenience. Sound quality differences could be nearly indistinguishable since both headphones utilize the same transducer. However, the KNS 8402 does edge out a few rounds on the specification sheet.


KNS 6402KNS 8402
ConfigurationClosed Back, CircumauralClosed Back, Circumaural
System TypeDynamic HeadphonesDynamic Headphones
Cable2.5 M, (8.2 FT), 99.99% OFC Detachable2.5 M, (8.2 FT), 99.99% OFC Detachable
Ear Cushion TypeAcoustic Cellular FoamAcoustic Memory Foam
Headpad FinishLeatherettePremium Leatherette
Nominal Headband Pressure4N (Based on Average Head Size)4N (Based on Average Head Size)
Ambient Noise IsolationUp to 26 dBAUp to 30 dBA
Transducer40mm Neodymium40mm Neodymium
Nominal Impedance36 ohms36 ohms
Frequency Response10Hz – 22kHz5Hz – 23kHz
Sensitivity (1MW)95 dB SPL97 dB SPL
Calculated Max SPL122 dB SPL124 dB SPL
ConnectorGold-Plated Stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm)Gold-Plated Stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm)
Volume ControlN/ADetachable/Replaceable Low-Profile Inline HQ Control
FinishBlack Impact Resistant PlasticBlack Impact Resistant Plastic
Dimensions3.7″ (94mm) X 10.5″ (268mm) X 9.6″ (245mm)3.7″ (94mm) X 10.5″ (268mm) X 9.6″ (245mm)
Weight0.44 lb (0.202 kg)0.54 lb (0.247 kg)

Price & Availability

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