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Key Digital HDMI 4×1 Digital Switcher

Mount Vernon, NY– Key Digital Systems (Key Digital), a leading total systems solution provider of custom installation and home theater digital video products, is proud to continue its product expansion to embrace the HDMI digital interface with the introduction of its state-of-the-art digital HDMI 4x1a Switcher. The HDMI 4x1a Switcher by Key Digital is a high-quality, versatile HDMI switcher that supports HDCP Copy Protection and switches any of four (4) inputs of HDMI video and audio to one (1) output. The amazing HDMI 4x1a Switcher can also pristinely scale 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i video inputs to the native resolution of any display, at 60 Hz and 50 Hz.

HDMI is everywhere, as more and more video and audio products support the all-digital, plug-and-play HDMI interface. So many sources, like DVD players and HD Set Top Boxes, provide HDMI outputs. Key Digital intelligently engineered the HDMI 4x1TM Switcher with the latest in state-of-the-art technologies and features, to easily and conveniently switch these sources to your display and provide the absolute best, crystal-clear, and pristine picture quality. That’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from Key Digital, the experts in digital video technology and solutions.

The HDMI 4x1TM Switcher is ideally suited to interface a wide array of source products with an HDMI (or DVI-D output, with optional adapter), like a DVD player, Satellite Box, HD DVR, Set Top Box, or even a PC, to any display with an HDMI or DVI input. Not only can any of four sources with HDCP be selected for display, but with Key Digital’s HDMI 4x1TM Switcher, the selected input video can be scaled to match the native display resolution, using world-renowned Key Digital Clear Matrix Proa technology.

The power of the HDMI 4x1TM Switcher does not end there. An easy-to-operate, full-function, high-quality Video Processor is built into the switcher. For each input, a broad range of functions can be controlled, from Brightness and Contrast, to Size, Position, and even Zoom Aspect Ratio adjustments. Test patterns built-into the HDMI 4x1TM Switcher help set-up any video system. All the video processing features one would expect from Key Digital are also provided and accessible via the convenient front-panel display and pushbuttons, the IR Remote Control, or RS-232 to easily control all features of the product.

The HDMI 4x1TM Switcher by Key Digital is available now, with an MSRP of $1,000.

The key features of Key Digital’s HDMI 4x1TM Switcher include:

Crystal-clear switching of four (4) HDMI Inputs to one (1) HDMI Output (DVI-D supported, with optional adapter), with support for HDCP copy protection

HDMI repeater functionality with hot plug detection

Switches Video and Audio with individual connectors for HDMI Video and Audio, Toslink Optical Audio, Digital PCM Audio, Analog stereo Left & Right Audio

Can be configured to process and scale any HDMI video input to match the native display resolution, using world-renowned Key Digital Clear Matrix ProTM technology, including a full-function, high-quality Video Processor

Supports HDCP, and all popular source and display formats and resolutions

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Accepts and automatically detects 60 Hz and 50 Hz input formats (the output frame rate will be the same as the input frame rate)

Built-in Test patterns available through the front-panel controls as well as RS-232

Stores custom settings (like brightness, contrast, much more) for each of the four (4) HDMI Inputs

Easy-to-operate and control, with IR Remote Control, rear-panel remote input, convenient front-panel display and pushbuttons, and RS-232C

Firmware upgradeable

The wide range of leading-edge technology products from Key Digital are rapidly expanding to accommodate the HDMI digital interface, including Digital Video and Audio Processors; Switchers; Distribution Amplifiers; Video and Interface Adapters; and HDMI, DVI, and Analog Cables. Key Digital’s CES award-winning products are developed as key solutions for HDTV Home Theater Retailers, Custom Installers, System Integrators, Broadcasters, Manufacturers, and Consumers. The HDMI 4x1TM Switcher is Key Digital’s latest entry into this rapidly expanding marketplace.


Masha Lakhter
Key Digital Systems
521 East 3rd Street

Mt. Vernon, NY 10553

Phone: 914-667-9700 ext. 211
Cell: 917-701-3238
Fax: 914-668-8666

About Key Digital

Key Digital Systems (Key Digital) is a CES award-winning developer of leading-edge technology for HDTV applications, providing total video systems solutions. Key Digital is at the forefront of the video industry for Home Theater Retailers, Custom Installers, System Integrators, Broadcasters, Manufacturers, and Consumers. Founded by HDTV industry pioneer Mike Tsinberg, Key Digital is uniquely capable of identifying and creating total product solutions that enable seemingly incompatible video products to work together. The company manufactures a wide range of digital video processing and video signal distribution solutions marketed broadly to the HDTV community, such as digital video and audio processors, switchers, distribution amplifiers, cables, adapters, and more. For more information visit us at For trade press, visit

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