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JVC LCD HDTVs Announced for 2009


The J-Series TVs offer a sleek new cabinet design in sizes from 32- to 52-inches

A full line of new high definition LCD televisions was unveiled by JVC. Each set in the new four-model line features full HD resolution and a sleek new cabinet design.

All four sets offer resolution of 1080/24/30p for the best possible reproduction of all types of program material. The line includes the 32-inch class LT-32J300 (31.5-inch diagonal), the 42-inch class LT-42J300 (42-inch diagonal), the 46-inch class LT-46J300 (45.9-inch diagonal) and the 52-inch class LT-52J300 (52-inch diagonal).

Other features shared by all four new sets include a dynamic backlight to deliver deep blacks and bright whites, JVC’s Smart Picture technology that analyzes source brightness to deliver the best possible image, and a timer for powering up the TV at a scheduled time. All models also feature a new easy to navigate on-screen display with drop down submenu’s that guide the user through every aspect of operation.

All four sets offer a full complement of connections: three HDMI inputs, two component inputs, two S-Video inputs, PC input (D-Sub), SPDIF input and an analog video output. They also offer HDMI CEC compatibility for linked operation with other CEC compatible components.

Audio features include 10 watts per channel and JVC’s oblique cone speakers that use an off-center voice coil design to direct the sound up and toward people sitting in front of the television.

A new cabinet design features a thin bezel and a black glossy finish for the entire cabinet, including the stand.

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The TeleDock (P-Series) TVs include an integrated iPod dock

JVC TeleDock LCD televisions, the first to offer an integrated iPod dock, are all-new for 2009 and feature enhanced iPod compatibility and more versatility. The new line includes five models, including two that feature JVC’s 120Hz Clear Motion Drive III technology, offering a powerful combination of performance and convenience.

The new five-model JVC TeleDock series is comprised of the 32-inch class LT-32P300 (31.5-inch diagonal), the 42-inch class LT-42P300 (42-inch diagonal), the 46-inch class LT-46P300 (45.9-inch diagonal), and the two Clear Motion Drive models — the 42-inch class LT-42P500 (42-inch diagonal) and the 46-inch class LT-46P500 (45.9-inch diagonal).

For 2009, JVC TeleDock televisions offer significantly improved iPod compatibility. Each model includes a flip-down iPod dock at the base of the set, providing a direct connection for playback through the TV. Video files are easily played back on the television, music files can be played through the TV’s sound system, and photos stored on an iPod can be viewed on the TV. The docked iPod can be controlled from the TV’s remote, which includes a circular keypad with a control scheme that mimics the iPod’s control wheel. In addition, the iPod charges while docked whether the TV’s power is on or off.

When an iPod is docked, a menu appears on the TV screen. Second generation TeleDock sets display a comprehensive iPod-like menu that allows selection of music or video playback and also supports music search. During video playback, low resolution files, such as internet videos, can be displayed in a small screen mode. Higher resolution video can be shown in nine aspect modes at full screen.

For 2009, the TeleDock line offers the following enhancements:

  • During music playback, song title, artist, album and genre are all displayed on the TV screen;
  • With a PC connected to the TV (by PC and USB and HDMI (or D-Sub) connections ), iTunes can be displayed on the TV and synched with the docked iPod;
  • When a PC is connected to a TeleDock TV, powering up the PC will automatically power-up the television;
  • Music stored on the iPod can be played through the TV while watching TV programming, and the TV program or other video source can be changed while the music is playing; in addition, the sound can be swapped between the iPod and the TV program sound;
  • With music playing from the iPod, photos stored on the iPod or photos stored on an external device connected to the set’s USB port can be viewed on the TV;
  • During video playback, pushing the Display button will display on-screen the video title

Besides the iPod dock and playback features, JVC’s new P-Series LCD TVs are full HD (1920 x 1080), full featured high definition displays. Highlights include digital noise reduction, dynamic backlight and 1080 24p/30p output. Each features a universal remote with direct input access, a side-mounted USB photo viewer, and ATSC/QAM tuning.

Connections include three HDMI inputs, two component inputs, two S-video inputs, PC input (D-sub) and an analog video output.

The sound package delivers 10 watts per channel to a pair of JVC’s exclusive oblique cone speakers.

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All five models feature a gloss black finish including the base and a new light “diffuser” front illumination. The P300 models radiate blue light while the P500 series models feature a white light radiating from the front panel. The diffuser is made of frosted acrylic and distributes the light across the bottom panel of the sets. The illumination is dimmable and defeatable in the menu.

Model Available
LT-32J300 March
LT-42J300 March
LT-46J300 March
LT-52J300 August
LT-32P300 April
LT-42P300 April
LT-46P300 April
LT-42P500 April
LT-46P500 April
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