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Car Subwoofers

JVC CS-AW Arsenal Car Subwoofers


JVC CS-AW6040 Arsenal Car Subwoofer

The JVC 15-inch Arsenal Subwoofers, CS-AW8540 and CS-AW8520, feature a Kevlar Laminated Hemp-Fiber Cone and a 2-year warranty. The Arsenal subs feature Rapid-Fire Impedance Selector (Patented Technology), which easily changes the resistance rating of the subwoofer's voice coil with a single motion switch.

The Arsenal lineup of Subwoofers features 10 models, including the CS-AW6040, CS-AW6240, CS-AW7020, CS-AW7040, CS-AW7220, CS-AW7240, CS-AW8040, CS-AW8240, CS-AW8540, and CS-AW8520. These subwoofers range in class and size, from 10-15 inches, and feature two patent-pending technologies: the Multi-Mount Smart Trim Ring and the Dual Diametric Progressive Spider Woven Tinsel Lead as well as the patented Rapid-Fire Impedance selector terminal.

The Arsenal line of subwoofers feature patent-pending Dual Diametric Progressive Spiders with Woven Tinsel Leads. Included Thermal Transfer Technology transfers heat away from the voice coil to the woofer's aluminum basket by connecting the motor structure to the basket, using a layer of heat transfer silicon. Patent-pending Multi-Mount Smart Trim Ring creates a clean installation appearance by concealing the mounting screws. Patent-pending Rapid-Fire Impedance Selector Speaker Terminal changes the voice coil impedance with one easy motion. Switch between Parallel, Series or Bi-Amp configurations without any additional wiring. Aluminum material reduces resonation within the subwoofer structure, which creates strong and clear basic output with Die-Cast Vented Aluminum Basket.

Each subwoofer in the Arsenal lineup also features a switch which toggles between parallel/series/independent wiring, and protection circuit with fuse for extra protection against current overages that cause blown voice coils.

Advanced technologies are incorporated into this lineup to produce better sound, along with high performance and usability. Multi-directionally woven dampers correct balance of speaker, even with terminals concentrated on one side. Eco-friendly Hemp Fiber reduces unwanted mid- and high-frequencies in subwoofers–like a natural low pass filter. Internal loss is reduced within the speaker diaphragm for pure fidelity sound. Models CS-AW8240 and CS-AW8040 have a drive cone made of Paper + Hemp (about 10 percent Hemp blended) and Kevlar laminated Hemp fiber Cone. Models CSAW7240, CS-AW7220, CS-AW7040 and CS-AW7020 have a drive cone made of Paper +Hemp and Glass-Fiber laminated cone structure. In addition, efficient heat dissipation is caused by die-cast aluminum heat sink.

Feature Comparison

CS-AW8540 CS-AW8520
  • 4500W Peak./1500W Nom. Music Power
  • Dual-Input 4 ohms Voice Coil
  • Paper + 10% Hemp Drive Cone
  • Kevlar Laminated Hemp Fiber Cone
  • Aluminum-Cast Frame
  • Santoprene Surround
  • Triple Stacked Magnet
  • ABS and Copper Terminals
  • Frequency Range: 20-500Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB/W.m
  • Impedance 4 ohms + 4 ohms
  • MSRP: $649.95
  • 4500W Peak./1500W Nom. Music Power
  • Dual-Input 2 ohms Voice Coil
  • Paper + 10% Hemp Drive Cone
  • Kevlar Laminated Hemp Fiber Cone
  • Aluminum-Cast Frame
  • Santoprene Surround
  • Triple Stacked Magnet
  • ABS and Copper Terminals
  • Frequency Range: 20–500Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88dB/W.m
  • Impedance 2 ohms + 2 ohm
  • MSRP: $649.95

Other Shared Features

  • Aluminum Die-Cast Frame
  • Air Vent Cooling System
  • Paper + 10 percent Hemp Cone
  • Santoprene Surround
  • Dual Stacked Strontium Magnet
  • ABS and Copper Terminals with Fuse

*Highlighted features apply to all models except for CS-AW6240 and CSAW6040. The CS-AW6240 and CS-AW6040 feature in place of these: a frequency range of 28-1000Hz, strontium magnet, nickel-plated screw terminals, aluminum die-cast frame and butyl rubber edge.

Special Features per Model/Class

CS-AW6040 (10″) – $179.95
CS-AW6240 (12″) – $199.95
CS-AW7020 (10″) – $269.95
CS-AW7040 (10″) – $269.95
CS-AW7220 (12″) – $319.95
CS-AW7240 (12″) – $319.95
CS-AW8040 (10″) – $379.95
CS-AW8240 (12″) – $449.95
  • 1000W Max./350W Nom. Music Power
  • Dual-Input 4 ohms Voice Coil
  • Metal Sputtering Olefin Diaphragm + Aramid Reinforced Pulp Cone
  • Impedance 4 + 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 87dB/W.m (CS-AW6240)
  • Sensitivity: 86dB/W.m (CS-AW6040)
  • Frequency Range 25-2000Hz (CS-AW6240)
  • Frequency Range 25-2500Hz (CS-AW6040)
  • 1800W Max./600W Nom. Music Power
  • Dual-Input 4 ohms Voice Coil (CS-AW7040 and CS-AW7240)
  • Dual-Input 2 ohms Voice Coil (CS-AW7020 and CS-AW7220)
  • Paper + 10% Hemp Drive Cone with Glass Fiber + Hemp Laminated Cone
  • Sensitivity: 85.5dB/W.m (CS-AW7220, CS-AW7240)
  • Sensitivity: 84dB/W.m (CS-AW7020, CS-AW7040)
  • Frequency Range 23-500Hz (CS-AW7220, CS-AW7240)
  • Frequency Range 25-500Hz (CS-AW7020, CS-AW7040)
  • 3000W Max./1000W Nom. Music Power
  • Dual-Input 4 ohms Voice Coil
  • Paper + 10 percent Hemp Drive Cone with Kevlar + Hemp Laminated Cone
  • Sensitivity: 84dB/W.m (CS-AW8240)
  • Sensitivity: 83dB/W.m (CS-AW8040)
  • Frequency Range 20-500Hz (CS-AW8240)
  • Frequency Range 23-500Hz (CS-AW8040)

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