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Innovelis CordFits Headphone Cord Shortener


Headphone Cord Management Solution Instantly Adjusts Cord Length

Innovelis proudly announces the release of CordFits, which enable instant headphone cord length customization and tangle-free cord storage. Headphone designers include extra cord length to ensure the cord is never too short. This approach ensures the cord is never too short, but it often forces the cord to be too long. “CordFits prevent the extra cord length from getting in people’s way,” said Wes Schwie, Vice President of Marketing. CordFits let people shorten their headphone cord length to fit their style, and when they are done listening, they can quickly store their cord without tangles. Now people can listen to their favorite pair of headphones without the cord getting snagged and having to untangle the cord each time they want to use the headphones.

Innovelis offered a sneak peek of CordFits earlier this year at Macworld and the International Consumer Electronics Show, and rave responses quickly followed. “We had a winner with our first product, BudFits™, yet the response to CordFits at Macworld and CES was way beyond what we experienced with BudFits,” stated Innovelis CEO Eric Wengreen. “It was fun to see people’s amazement when they saw the magic-trick-like way in which CordFits work.”

CordFits are a one-of-a-kind solution based on an ingenious patent-pending system of pulleys and channels. “Because headphone manufacturers have to make one-size-fits-all cord lengths that are long enough for any situation, they add extra cord length that gets in the way. CordFits allow users to instantly shorten the cord length based on the unique way they use their headphones,” stated Schwie.

CordFits also allow users to neatly stow their headphone cord when not in use. “Whether at the gym or on the subway, people love listening to music away from home; yet without CordFits, the cord often becomes a tangled mess inside a bag or pocket,” stated Wengreen. CordFits enable users to easily wrap the cord and then snap the cord ends in place for compact and tangle-free storage.

CordFits are compatible with nearly all headphone cords, including iPod and iPhone earphone cords, and are available through and select retailers for around $12.99.

About Innovelis:
Founded in 2007, Innovelis, Inc. invents uncommonly innovative products for the mobile media market.

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