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BudFits Earbud Adapters


Replacing the new Shuffle’s earbuds, which tend to fall out during exercise, is problematic because the Shuffle’s controls are now integrated into the earbuds’ cord. BudFits provide a convenient way to convert the Shuffle’s earbuds into over-the-ear headphones for exercise. The December 2008 issue of Macworld Magazine stated, “The [BudFits] design helps keep the earbuds in place during physical activities whether you’re running, cycling, snowboarding or whatever it is you like to do.”

Many people have found the Apple earbuds that are packaged with iPods, including the new Shuffle, fall out during physical activities such as exercise and action sports. The new iPod Shuffle features an innovative cord-based control system, which means standard headphones are not compatible with the new Shuffle. Users who try to use standard headphones with the new Shuffle will quickly discover they cannot perform essential functions such as choosing a new song or playlist.

The remarkably small size of the new iPod Shuffle makes it well-suited for exercise, yet the earbuds do not provide enough stability for many people’s active lifestyles. BudFits are soft, removable hooks that clip onto the Shuffle’s earbuds to comfortably hold the earbuds in place even during the most demanding physical activities. In addition, BudFits eliminate the need to wedge the rigid earbud housing into the ear canal to try to keep the earbuds in place. BudFits, which are protected by pending patents, wrap over the ear to provide security and comfort to people who love the new Shuffle’s tiny size and cool features, such as VoiceOver, yet want their Shuffle to be compatible with their active lifestyle. Ed Curran from CBS News in Chicago said, “You simply snap your iPod earbuds in [the BudFits] and they go over your ear…and it stays in your ear perfectly…BudFits are just a great invention.”

BudFits are compatible with all iPod and iPhone earbuds made by Apple Inc. and are available at, and select retailers for around $9.99.

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