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Hidden Danger To Computer Performance

There are hidden dangers that many businesses and companies expose their computer systems to on a daily basis. While the activities and daily operations that individuals use their office computers for appear innocent enough, over time these practices can lead to a slow down to computer speed throughout a company’s network.

Among the most common activities an individual uses their computer for is email and web browsing. Both of these are necessities in today’s business world yet they present potentially crippling effects on the speed of a computer. The damage isn’t coming from a spammer, a link containing a virus, or a questionable website; the impediment is a result of fragmented files.

Most businesses are unaware of fragmentation and thus don’t understand what really causes their computers to slow down and become inefficient. Every time we open an e-mail or browse the web our computer is creating temporary and cache files. Over time these files grow into the thousands and frequently become the source of a fragmented hard drive.

That fragmented hard drive is typically what leads to lengthy delays when trying to boot up a system, slow retrieval speed when trying to access files, and a hindrance in loading applications.

For an individual this may seem like an inconvenience but for a business it could be the loss of a lot more than just time. The speed by which computers deliver information is a major factor in determining the success of a business. While the speed of a computer may be something that most just take for granted, any business owner or employee who has experienced those long wait times for an e-mail or to pull up a file know that when a decision or response needs to be made in quick fashion any delay could cost them dearly.

In order to prevent the loss of potential business or become an office subjected to the inefficiencies related to slow computer performance it is imperative that a computer’s hard drive is defragmented.

Defragmentation software serves to repair your hard drive from the damages fragmented files have caused. In a fragmented hard drive your files are scattered and lack cohesion. Pieces of a single file that you have saved could be cut and stored in several different spaces on your hard drive and this is what slows your computer down. When you defragment your hard drive you essentially rejoin the scattered pieces of a file and save them in one spot, making it easier and faster to retrieve.

Whether it’s for an individual computer, a network system in a small office or a company with thousands of employees operating off a database server, defragmentation software is an essential aspect of protecting the speed of computers. The benefits of using defrag software are instantaneous as a computer’s speed returns to its original level. As a matter of convenience there is nothing better than defrag software. There are no subscriptions that have to be re-upped or monthly scans that you have to run, it’s as simple as running defragmentation software once and being done.

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