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Gryphon Audio’s PowerZone 3 Power Conditioners Are Designed For Ultra High-End Systems

Utilizing proprietary, Patent-Pending Hafner Tech Modules, Gryphon PowerZone Power Conditioners proclaim a higher level of performance than typical power conditioning products.

Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.10 and 3.20 Power Conditioners

Before you feel the blood drain from your body after reading the prices, remember that Gryphon Audio‘s award-winning ultra high-end components and loudspeakers appeal to a very specific type of customer. Anyone considering one of their systems that could exceed $500,000 is unlikely to be concerned with the prices for the PowerZone 3 power conditioners.

The Gryphon PowerZone 3 product lineup includes two models so far: 

  • PowerZone 3.10: 20 Amp/120V/8 Furutech AC Sockets 
  • PowerZone 3.20: 40 Amp/120V/8 AC Sockets 
Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.10 Rear
Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.10
Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.20 Rear
Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.20

PowerZone 3 Shared Features

Star Grounding: Both PowerZone 3 models implement Star Grounding. All three “Legs” of the AC signal—Positive, Negative, and Ground—are treated equally. Each of the three “Legs” benefits from conductive environments specifically adapted to their needs. All internal wiring is 12 AWG silver-plated, OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) with Teflon insulation. Performance consistency is achieved by using WAGO connectors. This means that all AC Sockets are electrically and sonically identical.

PowerZone 3 products take advantage of the design and manufacturing expertise of Gryphon Audio Designs combined with the Paul Hafner technologies to achieve a true breakthrough in audio performance which suffers none of the compromises by other power conditioning products. 

Audiophiles seeking the best possible performance from their systems will find Gryphon’s PowerZone 3 as a possible power management solution.

HafnerTech: Conceived by Paul Hafner, Founder of Quantum Acoustics SRL, Gryphon PowerZone 3 components incorporate HafnerTech Conductor Modules which have been purpose-engineered to achieve idealized transmission of the audio power signal. Based upon the principles of Quantum Acoustics Resonant Feedback Theory, these modules benefit from carefully adapted geometric structures at the molecular level which guide the electrons’ vibrational flow. 

This is accomplished without any current limiting, filtering, or active signal processing in order to preserve the integrity of the AC Signal. HafnerTech Modules are potted in resin to mitigate vibration and deliver the sort of heirloom build quality expected of all Gryphon components.

SmartStack: PowerZone 3 further benefits from SmartStack technology, a patented compound developed by Denmark’s MENETA Group. PowerZone 3 is the first product outside the automotive industry to utilize this revolutionary material. PowerZone 3 enclosures benefit from a unique application of this technology, with measurements, calculations, and simulations performed by MENETA Group in their Danish R&D facility. The result is a dramatic reduction in mechanical resonance.

Tech Note: Dig deeper into the technical philosophy underlying the PowerZone 3 products.

Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.10 Power Conditioner Logo Closeup
Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.10
Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.20 Power Conditioner Logo Closeup
Gryphon Audio PowerZone 3.20

Pricing & Availability

Gryphon PowerZone 3 3.10 ($14,000 USD) and 3.20 ($17,500 USD) will be shipping in Summer 2024 through Authorized Distributors and Dealers.

The PowerZone 3 products were first displayed at AXPONA 2024.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ed Brumbaugh

    May 3, 2024 at 12:51 pm

    Pricing aside, I followed your link to the Gryphone website to read more about the tech … was left still not knowing why anyone would want one of these power conditioners, or what makes it superior to other products in this category, i.e., Panamax M5400-PM that provides power line conditioning, surge protection, and voltage regulation. A quote from the Gryphon website: “Audio components powered by a properly guided current flow will deliver vastly superior performance: the current will suffer less artifacts and restrictions resulting in a faster, smoother, more precise and cleaner performance.” Based on what? They don’t share any information on how they tested or came to the conclusion that its “vastly superior” … in short, the entire website discussion for the PowerZone comes across as nothing more than more high end product hyperbole, but I digress. Always enjoy reading about new tech, even if company product descriptions seem to be rooted in good creative writing. As an engineer, I always enjoy a few test results that backup what the manufacture is claiming about their product, but as you said up front, people buying these systems could probably care less about that.

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