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Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones Might Shake Things Up

The Grell Audio TWS/1 TWS Earphones enter a very crowded category with some very serious pedigree. These might be the wireless earphones to consider this Christmas.

Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Sennheiser headphones, Axel Grell probably played a huge role in the quality of that experience. It wouldn’t be overstating it that the renown German engineer helped to make Sennheiser one of the leading headphone brands in the world with his designs.

Grell is no longer with Sennheiser and during our conversation earlier this summer, it became apparent that he definitely sees a lot of room for improvement in the true wireless headphone category.

The TWS (true wireless) category is becoming oversaturated as countless brands are rushing products into the market to capitalize on the demand for wireless headphones.

We’ve been reviewing TWS earbuds all year long and while the quality is definitely improving, there is room for a really superior pair of TWS earphones to raise the bar.

Axel Grell clearly feels that his new brand can fill that void.

Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones in Black Case

After so many years of engineering award-winning headphones for his employer, Grell decided that he had some ideas on how to build better wireless earphones and that he could deliver a product that was both superior technically and also affordable.

Grell is focused on delivering superior ANC, better sound quality, and far superior intelligibility when making phone calls.

The last item was something that we discussed at great length during our phone conversation and something that Grell believes will differentiate his first product from the competition.

The Grell Audio TWS/1 will only be sold direct and will retail for $199 USD.

2021 has been a year of chip shortages; and don’t expect to see the problem get resolved until Q4 2022 according to some industry analysts and manufacturers that I’ve spoken to in the past few weeks.

Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones Inner and Outer Views

Cars, headphones, DACs, and almost any other product that requires specific chips. Everything has been impacted.

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I’m on a waiting list for a car I ordered months ago because Ford can’t manufacture the automobile without the chips.

Grell Audio was supposed to launch about a month ago but the global issue pushed things back.

We are one of the first on the list for a review sample and we hope to have that published in early November. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the best from Sony, Sennheiser, and Master & Dynamic.

Grell Audio TWS/1

The new Grell true wireless headphones are a direct response to a growing new generation of audiophiles in the digital era who are looking to experience the ultimate transparency and clarity that headphones can offer — in a smaller in-ear form factor.

Featuring TWS-1 technology, custom 10mm dynamic drivers, 28-hour battery life, and transducers with a tolerance of +/- 1 dB, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) — plus, Axel Grell Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) technology — Grell true wireless headphones boast minimalistic, industrial-style design, which contrasts the complexity and richness of the acoustic output, without sacrificing a comfortable fit.

Man wearing Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones

Key Features

Class-leading Adaptive Noise Cancellation: Qualcomm® adaptive noise cancellation designed to enhance user comfort and provide consistent sound quality for true wireless earbuds by adapting its performance to meet variations in how an earbud fits in a user’s ear, and adapt in real-time to changes in fit as the earbuds are in use

Choice of “close to lossless” codecs: Supports Qualcomm aptX, aptX HD, as well as AAC, SBC and LHDC.

Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones Internal Qualcomm Chipset
Grell Audio TWS/1 use Qualcomm QCC5141 Chipset

High-efficiency Noise Reduction Technology (NAR):

When the environment is noisy the TWS/1 blocks it out passively in the high mid and high frequency range. For the low and low frequency range the ANC function can be activated. A very strong noise reduction in the low frequency range makes higher, more annoying, frequencies more audible.

Therefore, the new grell Noise Annoyance Reduction (NAR) technology (patent pending) scans the noise spectrum and controls the ANC using a psycho-acoustic model to minimize annoyance.

Battery Life: Up to 28 hours battery life with ANC on. Over 5 hours oneach ear bud and over 4 full charges in the charging case. And over 35 hours with ANC off.

Woman wearing Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones

MTE for advanced voice clarity: Advanced microphone array and wind noise protection by the multilayer turbulence eliminator (MTE) (patent pending) technology.

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Includes a two-year warranty, multiple silicone and foam ear tips and USB-C charging cable.

SoundID App with advanced Parametric EQ feature: allowing listeners to create their custom preset-giving them ultimate control over the sound they want.

Bluetooth 5.2: wireless technology for enhanced stability and a range of up to 30 feet (10 meters). Pairs to iOS and Android.

For more information:

Grell Audio TWS/1 Wireless Earphones Parts Exploded


  1. Bo

    October 6, 2021 at 5:56 pm

    What I have not read or seen yet is; are they usable as a single earpiece? They is a huge plus for me.

    • Ian White

      October 6, 2021 at 9:37 pm

      Good question. I will find out. I would think that it is.


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