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Furutech CES 06 AP1606

New Consumer Products Merge High Level Engineering
and Materials Treatment for Detailed and Vivid Music and Video

Luxuriously made, elegantly engineered and presented components, luscious sounding, a pleasure to use, featuring the finest parts, technology and materials treatment available imparts that elusive sense of true quality all audio and video enthusiasts crave.

Introducing Two Outstanding Audio, Power, Digital and Speaker Cable Lines and the remarkable e-TP609 Power Distributor

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Reference III Series Cables
• Double-shielded a (Alpha) PCOCC or i-conductor
• GC-303 Antimagnetic EMI-Absorbent Modules
• High End Performance Rhodium-plated conductor for optimal signal transfer.
• Teflon or Special Polyethylene insulation for lower capacitance
• Metal parts treated with 2-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing a Alpha Process
• Earth (Ground) Jumper System on Power Cable (US PAT NO. 6,669,491)

Evolution Series Cables
• i-OFC a (Alpha) Conductor
• Single shield braided i-OFC a (Alpha) Conductor
• Special Polyethylene insulation for lower capacitance and better mechanical damping
• Connectors: Furutech High Performance Gold-Plated series products
• Metal parts treated with 2-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing a Alpha Process
• Earth (Ground) Jumper System for Power Cable.(US PAT NO. 6,669,491)

e-TP609 AC Power Distributor
• Chassis CNC machined from singe-block aluminum
• Three separate sets of conductors for each of three duplex receptacles to IEC input
• a-22 internal wiring keeps resistance low
• Special Resonance Damping Coating
• New! Furutech Axial Locking System with locking screw anchoring each duplex outlet preventing oscillation and enhancing long-term stability
• GC-303 Internal Coating absorbs EMI
• Metal parts treated with 2-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing a Alpha Process

We achieve precise signal transfer characteristics with meticulous, high-level engineering of the total product, focusing our energy on making the best, most luxurious, best sounding components using cutting-edge materials and processes, like our 2-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Super a Alpha Treatment.

Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Alpha Process
Furutech’s extreme low-temperature two-stage process begins with a deep, conditioning cryogenic freeze of all metal parts before assembly. Using high-end refrigerants — liquid N2 or He — we achieve temperatures of between -196 to -250C. The treated parts change their molecular structure at these extremes of temperature, relieving internal stress. This improves electrical conductivity for enhanced power and signal transfer.

Stage Two consists of a patented Ring Demagnetization treatment. The controlled ramp up and attenuation completely eliminates magnetization for immediately more vivid and colorful improvements. Ring Demagnetization enhances power and signal conductivity as well. Our RD-2 Demagnetizer will keep your cables and connectors, as well as your CS, completely free of disrupting magnetic charges.

Furutech’s scientific outlook, total awareness and devotion to maximizing each and every detail of power and signal transfer results in a greater sense of power, dynamics, and resolution, with cleaner, blacker backgrounds and a larger, more stable soundstage, vivid tonal colors and deeper extension at both ends of the frequency range. Video displays of all types will exhibit greater, sharper resolution with less ghosting, color shift, “snow”, or vertical and horizontal lines.

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Furutech makes a wide variety of high performance 15A and 20A A/V cable and power distribution/filtering products. Like the e-TP4+4, e-TP609, e-TP609E, e-TP60/20, RTP-6N, RTP-6E, e-TP60, e-TP60E Power Distributors, and e-TP80, e-TP80E Power Filters, RD-2 Disc and Cable Demagnetizer, RWL-1 Tuning Panel, PC-2 Disc Pure cleaner, and our very special NANO Liquid Contact Enhancer, and other fine products.

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