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Ferrari Art.Engine Speakers, Audio System Updated


Upgraded with Art.Suono Transmission Dock, DWC-Aphex Music Enhancer, DWC-Wireless Technology, and More

The David Wiener Collection (DWC), a luxury line of audio, entertainment, furnishing and fashion offerings, introduces the newest Ferrari Art.Engine System, an audio and engineering tour de force designed primarily for homes and executive offices, during CEDIA EXPO ’09. Created to enhance today’s lifestyle, the new Art.Engine System combines an exciting music listening experience with a stunning visual presentation.

The Art.Engine System is more than just an upgraded version of the pioneering Ferrari Art.Engine. The original was a bi-amplified stereo audio system housed in a single floorstanding aluminum tower featuring twin integrated line-source loudspeakers, four 200-watt discrete digital amplifier modules, DSP signal management, and a digital wireless receiver.

The new, upgraded Art.Engine System also includes the Art.Suono wireless transmission dock, DWC-Aphex music enhancement circuitry, and DWC-Wireless Zero-Drop transmission technology that enables listeners to “beam” music from an iPod or iPhone (which fit in the supplied Art.Suono dock), a PC, a Mac, a CD player, satellite radio and any other audio source directly to the Art.Engine tower. The Art.Suono, also by the DW Collection, is a compact, wireless, music-enhancing transmission system that introduced DWC-Aphex technology to the consumer market.

Powerful, streamlined, and just 47 inches tall, the new Art.Engine System creates a room-filling sound field of high-definition entertainment. The System’s audio performance and visual presentation are both outstanding. Sonically, the System evenly distributes a clear, spacious soundstage from the front of a room to the back. Visually, Art.Engine’s every detail exhibits the passion and elegance of its Ferrari pedigree — from its solid aluminum enclosure and racing-style NACA cooling ducts, to the sumptuous carbon fiber baffles and drivers, Ferrari paint finish, and advanced electronics.

The Art.Engine System is designed to be positioned against a wall, and is ideal for home and executive office use. The wireless streaming of music via its included Art.Suono wireless transmission dock is its primary signal input. The Art.Suono dock allows users to transmit to the Art.Engine any audio source material, including music or speech from a docked iPod, a computer, a CD player, an MP3 player and Satellite Radio.

DWC-Aphex — A Consumer First
The Art.Engine System incorporates proprietary DWC-Aphex circuitry, a critical acoustic technology brought to the world of Consumer Electronics for the first time by the DW Collection. Developed for the recording industry and used by top engineers, and artists like James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums, DWC-Aphex circuitry makes recorded music sound more “alive.”

The built-in DWC-Aphex circuitry seamlessly restores the harmonics lost in compressed music files, and provides an incredible spaciousness and clarity so that each instrument and voice is clear and distinct. At the same time, it optimizes bass response, providing a deeper, more resonant sound with a fullness, richness and depth that will make any audio system sound more powerful. Unlike an equalizer or bass boost circuit, the DWC-Aphex circuitry improves bass by enhancing the detail and fullness without demanding extra amplification normally required when boosting bass equalization.

DWC-Wireless Technology
The Art.Engine System leaves behind wires and messy installations. DWC-Wireless, the DW Collection’s proprietary two-way wireless technology, provides the highest quality wireless audio performance. The dropout-free technology allows Art.Engine users to flawlessly transmit audio from any source — including an iPod, iPhone, PC, Mac, CD player, MP3 player or satellite radio — to the Art.Engine.

With today’s airwaves cluttered with signals from cordless phones, cell phones, radio-controlled toys, microwave ovens and wireless routers, and other electronic devices, it’s no easy task to reliably stream interference-free audio wirelessly from point A to point B. The DW Collection has perfected its approach through the use of proprietary frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceivers. With DWC’s FHSS, the most robust wireless transmission system ever developed for audio systems, dropouts become a thing of the past.

DW Collectibility
As the most exclusive product ever to bear the Ferrari name, the Ferrari Art.Engine System is a true collectable, and destined to become one of the most sought after audio systems for audio and art collectors who appreciate fine design and exclusive Ferrari investments.

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The Ferrari Art.Engine System is available now at select Resellers and online at at a suggested retail price of $20,000. It can be seen with other outstanding DW Collection products at Suite 1710, The Atlantic at Atlantic Station, 270 17th Street, during CEDIA. To arrange transportation, DWC National Sales Manager Kent Dimon can be reached at 404-213-9455 while the show is open.

About DWC
David Wiener Collection is a design and innovation studio that creates some of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious products. DWC products exhibit extraordinary, uncompromised performance, styling, materials and craftsmanship. The company is relentless in its pursuit of superior products and groundbreaking technologies.

Founded to create advanced vehicles, products, furniture and fashion, DWC prides itself on a unique operational model, based on experience with Formula One teams, that inspires its staff to optimize performance, style, operations, image and success.

DWC has worked with many of the world’s great brands, including Ferrari, the U.S. Ski Team, Columbia, Cannondale, Ben & Jerry’s, Nike, Ganassi IndyCar, Hollywood, TWR, Old Navy, Bloomingdales and many others. DWC programs have also been sponsored by such highly regarded companies as Adidas, Campagnolo, AMF, DuPont, Fischer, Salomon, Revo, and Vuarnet. In addition, DWC’s work has been featured in major media worldwide, as well as on a PBS-TV documentary about David Wiener.

DWC’s Park City, Utah, design facility and Salt Lake City-based Technology Center exhibit DWC’s culture with Ferrari and other F1 cars on display.

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