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Eos Converge Digital Wireless Audio System


Wireless Breakthrough Links Music On Mac/PC, iPod, iPhone or Apple TV to Home Audio Systems Or Any Eos Receiver Within 150 Feet; Also Supports Satellite/Internet Radio, Online Music Services

Eos™ Wireless, the leader in wireless audio products, today unveiled Eos Converge™, a remarkably simple, incredibly versatile new way to stream music from a Mac/PC iPod/iPhone, Apple TV or other audio source into every area of the house.

“In the digital age your music lives on your computer, but your computer doesn’t live where you want your music. That’s all about to change,” says Jeff O’Shea, Executive Vice President of IntelliTouch and the creator of the Eos Converge Wireless System. Eos Converge brings not just some, but all the music from your computer, iPod, iPhone or other music device into every room of your house, all wirelessly and with pure digital sound quality. No more moving your music source from room to room, dock to dock just to hear your music. Simply connect the Eos Converge transmitter to a Mac/PC, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or other audio device and stream pure digital, CD quality audio everywhere — through walls, floors, doors and ceilings, upstairs, downstairs, inside and out. With a wireless range of up to 150 feet, Eos Converge is a rock-solid wireless transmitter/receiver system solution that harmoniously coexists with any other WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless devices.

Eos Converge has the flexibility to play virtually any kind of digital music, from nearly any source. By connecting to a computer via USB port, users can listen to their entire lineup of tracks from iTunes, or from Pandora, Rhapsody or any MP3 music player, as well as thousands of Internet radio stations. Even XM, Sirius Radio and other MP3 players are also supported through the transmitter’s auxiliary port.

Best of all, when used with any iPhone/iPod Touch and Apple’s “Remote” application (available as a free download from Apple’s App Store) users can remotely control music selection and playback through their existing home WiFi network. “No longer are you limited to the songs stored on your iPod or iPhone, you get your entire music library. With an iPhone or iPod Touch and Apple’s “Remote” App, all your artists, all your songs and all your playlists are available and from the palm of your hand,” says O’Shea. Apple’s Remote App allows users to search, select and play music, just like they were sitting in front of their computer. The Remote App also enables users to display album cover artwork on their iPhone or iPod Touch as well as allowing them to globally control the system volume to all Eos Converge wireless receivers.

To suit the needs of any home or audio system, the Eos Converge system offers multiple and interchangeable receiver components that can be mixed-and-matched with any Eos Converge Transmitter or Original Eos iPod Docking station to address up to four areas of the home, including outdoor patios and pool areas:

Group 1 — Designed for home theater and home stereo systems, Group 1 receivers provide the long sought-after link between a computer music library and a home’s primary audio system. Just plug the receiver directly into any device with an auxiliary audio input jack and begin hearing CD quality audio from your collection. Group 1 receivers also feature individual track control so you can play, pause and skip forward or back from your receiver location.

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Group 2 — Group 2 receivers feature a powerful, high-quality amplifier with outputs to connect any audio speaker. Like Group 1 units, Group 2 receivers feature individual track control for easy music management.

Group 3 — The ultimate Eos Converge solution–a fully self-contained, amazingly portable receiver/amplifier/speaker system that plugs into any wall outlet. Featuring integrated, amplified 2.1 stereo loudspeakers, Group 3 systems instantly link with Eos Converge transmitters to create a total audio system for use anywhere, indoors or out.

Eos Converge products are truly plug and play without any mind bending setup headaches commonly associated with other networked audio products. When powered up, all Eos receivers automatically and instantaneously connect to the transmitter. Simply put, you plug and Eos plays. And since Eos Wireless units are pure digital, there’s never any annoying static, pops or clicks associated with many other wireless audio systems.

Eos Converge digital wireless audio systems will be available beginning March 2009. This highly affordable, wireless audio system solution starts at only $89.95 per component. To purchase EOS Converge components, or for other Eos Wireless products, go to or visit other quality online retailers.

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