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Dynaudio Xeo 3 and 5 Wireless Speaker System


Dynaudio introduced Xeo, a high-end wireless loudspeaker system comprised of two models, the compact Xeo 3 bookshelf speaker and the slim Xeo 5 floor standing speaker. Both Xeo models are wireless, remote controlled active loudspeakers offering the convenience of wireless operation in a fully active loudspeaker concept with the sound quality that Dynaudio has become renowned for. Both models utilize high performance Dynaudio drive units powered by integrated digital amplifiers featuring digital sound processing.

The Xeo has been designed to deliver true high end sound quality, while the wireless active loudspeaker concept helps to achieve an incredibly high level of value in that there is no additional cost of amplification or cabling. The tweeters are 27 mm soft dome designs with Dynaudio's precision coating, while the long-throw mid/woofers are 14.5 cm drivers featuring Dynaudio's proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cones. The Xeo sonic performance is open, detailed, accurate and dynamic with perfect timing.

Dynaudio Xeo 3 Wireless Bookshelf Speaker - back

No speaker cables, no software, no IP address
No loudspeaker cables, no D/A converters, no amplifiers, no set-up software, no plug-in or no IP address are needed: the Xeo 3 and Xeo 5 loudspeakers receive the music signal digitally from the Xeo wireless transmitter, and process the signal digitally until amplification. The Xeo loudspeakers receive the most pure, unchanged music signal there is, mating this to advanced Dynaudio driver technology, which itself has become renowned in audiophile circles. Thus the Xeo is a true high performance audiophile speaker system, simply the first to offer such wireless connectivity. Setting up and operating the Xeo is as simple as unpack and play. Each Xeo loudspeaker set is supplied with a Xeo transmitter and a remote control, with the transmitter communicating to the internal amplifier in the loudspeaker, with no need for any further connection to a router or LAN. The Xeo speakers only need to be connected to the mains power, and the Xeo Transmitter connected to the sound source.

Wireless audio with full CD resolution and supporting files up to 24 bit/48 kHz
The Xeo Transmitter converts a digital, wireless signal, sending such at full CD resolution (up to 16 bit/48 kHz) to the Xeo 3 or Xeo 5 loudspeakers. The Xeo Transmitter even supports files up to 24 bit/48 kHz. Depending on room shapes and wall construction, one Transmitter can send the signal up to 50 meters, or up to 100 meters in spaces without any boundaries. The Xeo remote control allows for source selection between the three available inputs as well as powering the speakers on, setting the volume level, choosing an audio source, and switching the speakers off.

Multi Source: Any existing digital or analogue audio source can be connected
Essentially replacing the functions of D/A converters, sound cards, preamplifiers and speaker cables, the Xeo Transmitter is an electronic device that receives music from a connected sound source and wirelessly transmits it, uncompressed, to the Xeo loudspeakers, thus making listening to music as easy as possible.

Dynaudio Xeo Transmitter

It requires no software and instantly sets up its own 2.4 GHz A-to-B connection. It may be connected to multiple sources, as it features both an optical (Toslink) digital input as well as a mini USB digital input, allowing connection to the digital output of myriad audio devices, while two analog inputs – a stereo mini jack for connecting a Smartphone, Tablet or other personal media devices, as well as a set of RCA stereo inputs allowing connection to an existing hi-fi system are on offer. When connected via USB, the Xeo Transmitter doesn't require use of the supplied external power adapter. When connected to Toslink optical cable, or analogue via RCA Stereo cable or 3.5 mm Minijack cable, without any USB connection, however, the Xeo Transmitter must be powered by the compact mains power adapter. A starter set of compatible cables is also included.

Multi zone: Xeo is ready for multi-room/multi-zone installations
In addition to wireless operation, the Xeo system is also ready for multi-room/multi-zone installations. One single Xeo Transmitter can also supply wireless sound to a second pair of Xeo loudspeakers in a second room, and to a third pair of Xeo speakers in a third room. Since each speaker set includes its own remote control, each of these pairs of Xeo loudspeakers is capable of wirelessly playing a separate source with independent volume control in each room or zone. The Xeo remote control facilitates independently selecting the source input, setting the volume, or muting the sound (in addition to powering the speakers on and off) for each set of speakers in each or any room. Similarly, multiple sets of Xeo loudspeakers can be combined in one single room as well.

A simple example of a Xeo setup could be connecting the transmitter to the USB output of a Mac or PC, which thus would power the transmitter. The only thing to do other than connecting the power cables to the Xeo loudspeakers is to select Left or Right on the back panel of the corresponding speaker (both speakers can also be set to Mono). This is it. If additional Xeo loudspeakers are to be used in different rooms on the same transmitter, a second small switch on the speaker's back panel defines the Xeo speaker as belonging to Room 1, Room 2 or Room 3.

Highly energy efficient digital amplification and auto-standby function
Thanks to its advanced digital amplifier and sound processing, the Xeo Loudspeakers are much more energy efficient than traditional amplifier/speaker combinations. Even when playing at high SPL levels, the speakers only need a few Watts, while the Xeo Transmitter runs on a few Microwatts. When not in use, the Xeo speakers automatically switch off into energy-saving standby-mode, consuming only 0.6 Watts.

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Dynaudio Xeo 3 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

Price and Availability
The Dynaudio Xeo models will be shipping by March 2012 in black or white finishes:

  • Xeo 3 Set $2,300 (1 pair Xeo 3 loudspeakers, 1 Xeo Transmitter, 1 Xeo Remote Control)
  • Xeo 5 Set $4,500 (1 pair Xeo 5 loudspeakers, 1 Xeo Transmitter, 1 Xeo Remote Control)
  • Xeo 3 Loudspeakers $1,950/pair (Xeo 3 loudspeakers & remote — no transmitter)
  • Xeo 5 Loudspeakers $4,150/pair (Xeo 5 loudspeakers & remote — no transmitter)
  • Xeo Transmitter $350/each (Xeo transmitter only)
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