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Breakthrough 1.5 Petabyte Spintronics 3.5 Disk Drive


In the past we have only been able to orientate the direction a field of electrons move around a molecule like present day disk drive technology.

But by being able to rotate or spin the individual electrons that makeup or surround the molecule a much higher amplitude signal can be read by a read device.

An analogy would be our solar system with ALL the planets going around the Sun in a clockwise rotation direction.

Spintronics would be the effect of adding the spinning of the planets and their moons in a determined direction along with their clockwise rotation around the Sun.

Normally all the electrons could spin randomly working against the best electrical signal. The electrons are also capable of spinning in both directions a once.

By having uniform in sync spinning electrons this will allow a whole new field of science and electronics to emerge. With the ability to control electron spin we will see much smaller electronic devices on the market in the future.

One field is optical spintronics following Faradays laws. Because the potential data capacity is so large along with a very high data transfer rate. There will be NO need for expensive compression software like MPEG and others, and NO need to backup data unless you feel you have too.

Electrons have electro magnetic properties whose electron movement is called electric current that can be measured by the abundance of or lack of electrons in the ferroelectric nucleus called voltage or static charge.

Ferroelectric spintronics is the new method of using electric fields and photons to alter properties of ferroelectrics molecules for data manipulation by changing the internal geometry of ferroelectric atoms.

For example, when charge carriers like electrons are accelerated (as opposed to moving at constant velocity), a fluctuating magnetic field is produced. This generates a fluctuating electric field, known as a space charge field, which in turn produces another varying magnetic field.

Generating a perfect spin current by an electric field and UV photons in a high-k dipole dielectric material like a ferroelectrics molecule could then be made reversible, have non-dissipative of power, and not suffer from leakage current lost over time.

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Thomas believes that intraband / outerband resonant absorption by circularly polarized UV photons leads to spin polarization of electrons. Then it is possible to say an “Atomic Quantum Switch” carries electro-static field, electro-magnetic field, and spin orientation that can be made to represent non-volatile 0’s and 1’s.

Double sided disk having 1.2 Petabytes of storage can be produced by separating the ferroelectric molecular coating layer by a plastic, metal, glass, or ceramic substrate.

Link: Colossal Storage Corporation

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