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Beats Studio Pro: Apple’s Latest Wireless Headphones Start a New Trend

At $349, Beats Studio Pro are the first Apple headphones to support lossless USB-C audio. Find out what else is improved and what’s missing.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless ANC Headphone Colors

After nearly six years, Beats by Dre has introduced the successor to the Beats Studio3 Over-Ear Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones. The Beats Studio Pro have a huge following; EIC Ian White refers to them as the “GTL” cans of the Jersey Shore and claims that they have become a fixture with younger listeners.

The price is still $349.99 USD which feels rather high considering the competition from Bowers & Wilkins, Sony, Apple, and Sennheiser in the same price range but there is no question that these will sell well — consumers can find them in every single Apple retail location along with Target and Wal-Mart.

What’s New?

With all-new and improved interior components, Studio Pro includes more sensitive mics that improve Active Noise Cancellation. New sensors have been added to enable Personalized Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos) with dynamic head tracking when available. New UltraPlush leather cushions improve comfort, and new 40mm proprietary transducers claim to “significantly improve sound quality” over Beats Studio3.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless ANC Headphone Navy with USB-C Audio

For the first time, Beats Studio Pro has been equipped with USB-C audio supporting both uplink and downlink connectivity. This enables a user to listen or take a call while the headphone is actively charging – all over a single USB-C cable. In addition, USB-C audio enables lossless audio listening at up to 24-bit/48kHz sample rates thanks to the Studio Pro’s built-in DAC.

Bluetooth has been upgraded from version 4.0 to 5.3. Call clarity is said to be “27% improved” over its predecessor, and Transparency Mode is now included — a common feature among competitors. Battery life with ANC-on extends from 22 hours previously to 24 hours in the new model, while remaining at 40 hours with ANC-off. And lastly, “Hey Siri” comes to Studio Pro.

Reminder: Apple Acquired Beats in 2014 for $3 Billion

Folded Beats Studio Pro Wireless ANC Headphone Deep Brown

What’s Different?

Oddly, Beats Studio Pro don’t carry over every feature from its predecessor. Most notably, Apple’s W1 chipset is no longer present. Although the W1 chip has been succeeded by H1 and H2 chips in the latest AirPods. None of them make their way into Studio Pro. Instead the Studio Pro’s use something Apple is calling, “Beats Proprietary Platform (gen 2),” which appears to standardize its feature sets across both iOS and Android.

For Apple users, that means a few features go missing. Quick device pairing and seamless device switching no longer work. Other benefits of Apple’s chipsets may be less noticeable as they involve better power management, lower latency, and maintaining Bluetooth connectivity.

Although not specifically related to Apple’s missing chipset, there is no auto power-off or music auto-pause when removed from your head.

Woman wearing Beats Studio Pro Wireless ANC Headphone in Sandstone

Enhanced Android & Apple Compatibility

Native Apple Features Native Android Features 
Pairing Easy one-touch pairing and setupOne-touch pairing via Google Fast Pair connects Android devices with a single tap
iCloud pairing instantly pairs with every device in your iCloud account  Ecosystem Pairing automatically pairs to all Android or Chrome devices registered to your Google account  
Audio SwitchiPhone/Watch pairing automatically hands-off audio to Apple Watch when iPhone is out of range Seamlessly transition audio between Android, Chromebook, and other compatible devices  
Hands-Free Simply say “Hey Siri” to activate voice assistant 
LocateApple’s Find My locates lost headphones on a map based on the last known connected location  Google Find My Device locates lost headphones
App– Beats app (Android 8.0 or later) enables additional features:
Customize the product name in the Bluetooth menu + Locate My Beats
+ Listening mode & battery life widgets
+ Control customization 
UpdatesAutomatic over-the-air software updates and new features  Over-the-air updates (with Beats app)
Beats Studio Pro Wireless ANC Headphone Sandstone in Black Carrying Case
Beats Studio Pro includes a redesigned carrying case for protection and portability. It is constructed from semi-rigid, tightly-woven fabric and includes an integrated exterior loop for a clip or carabiner. It also features dual interior pockets for storing the included USB-C and 3.5mm cables, and other small accessories.

Wired or Wireless?

Beats Studio Pro offers multiple ways to connect with your devices: Class 1 Bluetooth® for exceptional wireless connectivity, USB-C audio for lossless audio and simultaneous charging, and 3.5mm analog input for wired audio sources.

While using USB-C audio, users can select between three distinct sound profiles:

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  • The Signature profile delivers the most tonally balanced tuning for all genres of music.
  • The Entertainment profile offers a heightened experience for movies and games.
  • The Conversation profile is ideal for phone calls or podcasts.

Tip #1: ANC and Transparency modes are disabled while USB-C audio is active.

Tip #2: ANC and Transparency modes can be utilized while connected via 3.5mm cable, but sound profiles are disabled.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless ANC Headphone Sandstone


The ‘b’ button allows you to control music (pause/skip/back) and conduct calls. To control volume, press above or below the ‘b’ button. Use the multi-function button to switch between listening and EQ modes, check battery life, pair your device and power the headphones on/off.

Left Ear Cup Controls:

  • Press ‘b’ once for play, pause, or answer a phone call
  • Press ‘b’ twice to skip forward
  • Press ‘b’ three times to skip back
  • Long Press ‘b’ to activate voice assistant
  • Press above/below ‘b’ to control volume up/down

Right Ear Cup Controls:

  • Press multi-function button once to display remaining battery
  • Press multi-function button twice to change listening modes / EQ profiles
  • Press and hold for one second to power on/off
  • Press and hold for three seconds to enable Bluetooth pairing mode
Beats Studio Pro Wireless ANC Headphone Sandstone Laying on Table

Battery Life

With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Studio Pro headphones keep you immersed in your music longer. With ANC or Transparency Mode enabled, enjoy up to 24 hours of listening time. When you’re low on power, Fast Fuel gives you up to 4 hours of play time from a quick, 10-minute charge.


Beats Studio Pro packaging is 100% fiber-based using recycled material and virgin wood from sustainably managed forests. The driver magnet is made of 100% recycled rare earth elements, while the solder of the main logic board is made of 100% recycled tin. Studio Pro is mercury-, berylium-, PVC-, and BFR-free.

Samuel Ross, Beats Principal Design Consultant
Samuel Ross, Beats Principal Design Consultant for Beats Studio Pro.

Pricing and Availability

Beats Studio Pro is available to order from July 19, 2023 in four premium colors, Black, Deep Brown, Navy and Sandstone. Find it for $349.99 at Amazon (US) and $469.99 at (CA), as well as at

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  1. Timmy Cronin

    July 30, 2023 at 9:25 am

    Sound? It’s kind of important.

    • Ian White

      July 30, 2023 at 10:43 am


      When Beats actually sends a sample to review, we will let you know.


      Ian White

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