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Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume

Audyssey Announces Dynamic Volume
Introducing Hands-Free Listening

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 27, 2007–Audyssey Laboratories, the leading provider of sound equalization solutions, announces its latest technology, Dynamic Volume. Audyssey Dynamic Volume is a volume leveling technology that frees listeners from the disruptive changes in volume levels while watching movies, and when broadcast material changes between television shows and commercials.

“It is simply annoying to watch movies or television broadcasts and have to continuously change the volume level,” says Chris Kyriakakis, Chief Technology Officer of Audyssey, “If this were to occur in movie theaters, no one would go. Now, with Dynamic Volume, consumers can set their system to their desired volume once, instead of constantly reaching for their remote.”

Dynamic Volume is the result of years of research under the direction of Audyssey Chief Science Officer Tomlinson Holman. Audyssey researchers conducted an extensive study of the volume adjustment patterns of a wide variety of participants, from typical consumers to professional mixing engineers. The vast amount of data collected makes this research one of the most in-depth studies on the volume adjustment patterns of listeners.

Dynamic Volume employs advanced audio signal processing that operates in both the time and frequency domains. The spectral content in individual channels and in the surround mix is continuously monitored in order to maintain constant volume from stereo to surround sound content. Dynamic Volume also makes sure the source material maintains the correct frequency response by compensating for the human ear’s lower sensitivity to bass and treble sounds as volume levels decrease. The result is a loudness correction technology that provides a comfortable, predictable level of volume, producing clear dialogue while maintaining the full dynamics as they were intended.

This technology efficiently monitors rapid and gradual dynamic variations in volume levels, thereby preventing artifacts commonly produced by traditional compressor methods. Then, by integrating Audyssey Dynamic EQ loudness compensation technology, Dynamic Volume maintains the full dynamic range of content, tonal balance, and surround impression at all volume levels.

“Audyssey Dynamic Volume will be the first technology to provide a true hands-free listening experience,” says Michael Solomon, CEO of Audyssey, “People will quickly realize that there is no longer a need to have their fingers on the remote control volume buttons when they watch their favorite programs or movies.”

Audyssey will release the completed Dynamic Volume code to manufacturers in January, 2008. This technology will be running on DSP chips from Analog Devices and Texas Instruments. Products from top consumer electronic manufacturers featuring Dynamic Volume are expected to debut throughout 2008.

About Audyssey Laboratories

Audyssey Laboratories is the industry leader in sound equalization solutions for the professional and consumer audio marketplace. Established in 2002, Audyssey was founded on a comprehensive understanding of the negative effects of room acoustics on sound reproduction. This landmark study took $6 million dollars of research funds, five years of intense experimentation, the resources of the prestigious USC Immersive Audio Laboratory, and decades of shared scientific expertise by Audyssey founders Prof. Tomlinson Holman, Prof. Chris Kyriakakis, Dr. Sunil Bharitkar, and Philip Hilmes. The resulting groundbreaking acoustical correction technologies provided the basis for Audyssey Labs, which continues to develop new breakthrough technologies in audio signal processing, room acoustics, and psychoacoustics.

Audyssey Press Contact:

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Amanda Whiting
Marketing Communications Manager
(213) 625-4300 x121

080102 Dynamic Volume Press Release.pdf (60.9 k)

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