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Audeze LCD-R Headphones Will Make You Go ApeSchiit

The Audeze LCD-R headphones and Schiit Audio Jotunheim-A combination will make your ears and accountant go apeschiit this July if you act quickly.

Ape wearing Audeze LCD-R Headphones

We have another really important Audeze story that we’re not allowed to share until later next week, but it’s something that has much broader implications because it does not involve the personal audio space. It does involve headphones; groundbreaking ones that will potentially help a lot of people and we’ve had a chance to physically see them and learn about what makes them so special. As someone who also works in the science/engineering space with biomedical devices that are used to detect medical issues, I plan on giving this amazing new product a lot of coverage. Until then — meet the new Audeze LCD-R headphones which are part of a bigger collaboration with our friends at Schiit Audio.

Sorry to get you all excited about something that we can’t quite share yet but it could be a game changer.

Audeze LCD R Headphones with Schiit Audio Jotunheim-A Amplifier
Audeze LCD-R Headphones with Schiit Audio Jotunheim-A Amplifier

The Schiit Jotunheim-A is a unique current-drive headphone amplifier, which inspired Audeze to develop the LCD-R headphone. While the Jotunheim-A is not new (I tried it for the first time almost a month ago in NYC at a private event hosted by Audeze), the Audeze LCD-R headphones are something that will be available in limited quantities and not forever.

Audeze let us demonstrate another new headphone that is also coming out very soon but that will have to wait as well. It’s not as radical as product #1 but it made me change my opinion about Audeze headphones in a dramatic way. My “luggage on your head” attitude has been changed forever.

I still can’t afford them but it would appear that the industrial design of the Meze Audio Empyrean headphones set off some alarm bells about headphone weight and ergonomics and those lessons have been implemented into the forthcoming generation of Audeze headphones.

There are also some changes coming to the way Audeze makes their wood rings and the types of materials used.

The Audeze LCD-R impedance is only 2 ohms, and uses Audeze’s new patented Parallel-Uniforce technology. Audeze refer to the LCD-R driver as a “Ribbon” instead of Planar due to the extremely low impedance and over 98% trace coverage of the diaphragm surface.

Audeze has been working on new driver technology for awhile (long before COVID) and expect to see some dramatic new drivers this year across the product line-up.

Audeze and Schiit are building only 67 sets of these LCD-R headphones and Jotunheim-A amplifiers. They are offered on a first come, first served basis and are ready to ship now for $2,500.

  • 3 Year driver warranty
  • 5 Year amplifier warranty with Schiit
  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • Free US Shipping

Some Current Schiit. Not Old Schiit.

The LCD-R comes with a customized Schiit Jotunheim model A current-drive headphone amp. Specially modified by Schiit, the Jotunheim-A offers the ideal electrical match to bring out the best performance from extremely low impedance drivers. The LCD-R is engineered to work exclusively with the included Schiit amp and should not be used with any other amplifier.


StyleOver-ear, open-back
Transducer typeRibbon
Magnetic structureDouble Fluxor™ magnet array
Phase managementFazor™
Magnet typeNeodymium N50
Diaphragm typeUltra-thin Parallel Uniforce™
Transducer size106 mm
Maximum SPL>130dB
Frequency response5Hz – 50kHz
THD<0.1% @ 100 dB SPL
Sensitivity103 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Impedance2 ohms
Custom connectionOCC monocrystal copper with female 4-pin XLR
Jotunheim-A amplifier voltage115V or 230V depending on model

For more information: Audeze LCD-R & Schiit Audio Headphone System

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More coverage of Audeze and Schiit Audio.

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