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Aragon Tungsten 2-Channel Preamplifier Unveiled at CEDIA 2021

The Aragon Tungsten is the two-channel preamplifier that the Iridium and Titanium power amplifiers have required to really show off what they can do.

Aragon Tungsten 2-channel Preamplifier in silver

Aragon and Acurus have received a lot of attention from us in 2021 for the simple reason that the folks at Indy Audio Labs have done a remarkable job resurrecting these once highly respected high-end audio brands. There’s no need to finger point at the loudspeaker company that purchased both brands many years ago and didn’t exactly carry on the legacy with the respect it deserved — but let’s just say the folks in Indiana know what they’re doing. The Aragon Tungsten Preamplifier looks like another really serious piece of audio engineering and it’s been unveiled prior to CEDIA 2021 which is likely to be a ghost town.

We recently reviewed the reference caliber Acurus Muse A/V Processor with the Theory Audio Design 5.2.2 Home Theater system and couldn’t believe just how far both both brands have elevated the art of home theater sound for less than $20,000.

$20,000 is a lot of money. No question about it. But we’ve heard dedicated home theater systems that were significantly more that couldn’t keep up with this combination and that gives us confidence in regard to both Acurus and Aragon.

I’ve been on a personal quest to find multiple vintage Aragon 4004 MKII power amplifiers because I require them to rebuild my audio soul with some older pairs of MartinLogan loudspeakers from the 1990s — so take my affection for both brands with that tidbit of knowledge tucked into your back pocket.

Indy Audio Labs, the owner of the high-performance brands Aragon and Acurus, have announced its highly anticipated 2-channel preamplifier, the Aragon Tungsten.

New to the recently released luxury-audio Aragon Elements Collection, the Tungsten preamp completes a two-channel audiophile-level listening experience when combined with the Iridium monoblock or Titanium dual-monoblock Class A/B amplifiers.

Aragon is demonstrating the Tungsten at CEDIA Expo 2021; sadly a trade show that has already lost more than 130 key vendors due to the rising number of Delta variant cases across the country.

The Tungsten preamplifier is a new addition to the luxury audio Aragon Elements Collection, an extreme-performance 2-channel listening ecosystem for discerning customers.

The Tungsten is packed with a generous array of both analog and digital inputs, supports both analog bypass and an internal DSP engine, boasts powerful and pristine DACs, and has tri-amp capability. The Tungsten preamplifier is housed in a beautiful industrial design which matches perfectly with its companion Aragon amplifiers — a combination which expresses beauty not only in its visual presentation, but also in its aural reproduction.

Representing the ultimate in performance audio design, all Aragon models include features in their core architecture which take these precision instruments to new heights of performance and authenticity. 

“The Tungsten 2-channel preamplifier is the lynchpin of our Aragon ultra-performance offering.”, says Ted Moore, CTO of Indy Audio Labs, Aragon’s parent company, “With its advent, we have the vital third piece of The Elements Collection, and our customers now have a complete Aragon audio solution that will give them a uniquely emotional listening experience. Our goal was to create a special and unabridged group of audio products that will endure and be worthy of collecting, all the while producing some of the most visceral and transformative listening experiences found in the high-performance 2-channel world. The Tungsten 2-channel preamplifier is the next piece of this amazing heritage.” 

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