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Alteva Debunks Hosted PBX Myths with Edgewater Networks Solution

Alteva Debunks Hosted PBX Myths with Edgewater Networks Solution

Alteva Capitalizes on Key Survivability and WAN Link Redundancy Features for Large Enterprise Deployments with EdgeMarc Network Services Gateways

Santa Clara, CA and Philadelphia, PA — April 27, 2009 — Alteva, North America’s largest provider of enterprise hosted VoIP, today announced that the Edgewater Networks solution is the key to dispelling the hosted PBX perceptions that are still prevalent in the VoIP market.

“Legacy PBX vendors sell on the fear of the unknown about hosted and SIP based VoIP services for large enterprise customers. Words like reliability and quality are often used as an example of what is not being delivered by hosted or SIP based VoIP services,” said William Bumbernick, CEO of Alteva. “Alteva has built its reputation by delivering quality and reliability in every integration, regardless of the size of the corporation.”

Alteva’s hosted VoIP solution includes the EdgeMarc and EdgeView platforms that, when combined, ensure that if there is a fiber cut or WAN outage, the phones remain operational either over the PSTN, physically diverse data connection or re-routed locally. With the EdgeMarc, Alteva provides its customers with a truly diverse network redundant path by offering WAN Link Redundancy (WLR). This allows the customer to set up two WAN links through two different service providers and in the case where the primary WAN goes down, the EdgeMarc will automatically failover to the backup data connection such as Cable, DSL or Fast Ethernet Connection.

Survivability and WLR are fundamental differentiators for large enterprise customers because enduring a service outage means their business is down and revenue is subsequently lost. In the example of the law firm of Kimmel and Silverman, P.C. (The Lemon Law Firm), even a short outage means a loss of inbound and outbound business. “We used to average two hours of down time per outage, but with Alteva’s solution and the WAN Link Redundancy feature, our service is now safe and secure,” said Jeff Ehrmann, Director of IT at Kimmel and Silverman. “Recently, our local T1 carrier had a fiber cut that brought down our T1’s at our headquarters. The EdgeMarc automatically failed over to our back up FIOS line, making the entire process seamless to the business, saving us thousands of dollars of potential lost revenue.”

The Edgewater solution consists of the EdgeMarc Network Services Gateways and EdgeView VoIP Support System products. The EdgeMarcs are being used at Alteva’s customer premises as the demarcation point to ensure Quality of Service (QoS), survivability and WLR. The EdgeView VoIP Support system is being used for configuration, troubleshooting and VoIP performance reporting.
“The Edgewater Networks solution delivers what we need for our large enterprise customers. We sell services ranging from 25 to 6,000 seats that depend on the EdgeMarc’s reliability, QoS, and survivability features to guarantee quality of the service to our customer,” said Bumbernick. “We believe the combination of the EdgeMarc gateways and EdgeView platform is a very powerful and essential element in delivering high quality and reliable service to our customers.”

The EdgeMarc Network Services Gateway’s ability to scale to the large enterprise allows Alteva to offer their hosted solution regardless of the customer size. The Alteva network ensures a high quality, reliable solution, utilizing the EdgeView VoIP support tool, to provide key call stats including Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and jitter measurements. Alteva uses this tool to provide proactive management for their customers, often calling the customer about a call quality issue before the customer even knows that one exists.

“Alteva continues to be a great partner because they have built their services so that businesses large and small can innovate their customer offerings and improve their operations and competitive edge with every deployment,” said David G. Norman, CEO of Edgewater Networks, Inc. “The combination of Edgewater Network’s EdgeMarc and EdgeView allows Alteva to dominate the Hosted VoIP enterprise segment of the market and offer a secure and reliable service.”

The EdgeMarc is a part of a complete solution from Edgewater Networks that also includes EdgeConnect managed Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, the EdgeView VoIP Support System and EdgeView Reports server. EdgeView is a troubleshooting and setup tool that allows service providers to proactively manage and support their communications services. EdgeView Reports is an advanced yet easy-to-use reporting tool that provides valuable VoIP performance information to network planners, operators, product managers, executive management teams and end-users.

About Alteva
Alteva, North America’s largest provider of enterprise hosted VoIP, has become the pioneer for showcasing the high quality and reliability of hosted VoIP solutions. Alteva provides businesses with “Communication as a Service” that requires minimal installation and configuration while eliminating monthly phone system maintenance charges and reducing overall telephony costs. With a sophisticated open standards infrastructure, Alteva enables businesses to easily integrate existing business applications. Rather than building their processes around the limitations of their phone system, Alteva’s customers build their phone systems around their ideal processes. Based in Philadelphia, Alteva provides internet access, telephone system and service to growth-oriented businesses in 48 states and 9 countries. For additional information about Alteva and its solutions, please visit or call 1-877-258-3821.

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About Edgewater Networks, Inc. – Converged Networking. Simplified.
Edgewater Networks develops networking and security products that ensure the secure and reliable delivery of IP based voice and video for service providers and enterprises. EdgeMarc Network Services Gateways provide a VoIP aware NAT/Firewall, with Active Line Testing, survivability and QoS. EdgeConnect PoE switches simplify administration and QoS, the EdgeView Reports Server provides visibility into VoIP network performance and the EdgeView VoIP Support System eases the setup, monitoring and management of VoIP endpoints. Edgewater Networks’ award-winning solution simplifies setup and management of converged networking applications and provides proven operational savings from the remote office to the core of the network. For more information about Edgewater Networks, Inc. please visit the company’s website at or contact Dave Martin at 408.351.7209.


PR Contacts:
Dave Martin
Vice President of Marketing
Edgewater Networks

Angela Cuzzo
MRB Public Relations for Alteva
732-758-1100, ext. 108

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