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Top 10 Hi-Fi News Stories: April 10, 2022

For the week ending April 10, 2022 we roundup the top 10 Hi-Fi news stories of the week from across the web.

Good Vibes

1. Vinyl for Extraterrestrials

🇺🇸 Analog news from 1977 might not seem relevant, but like the long play record, old is new again. Follow Tien Nguyen, Chief Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for great perspective of our little place we call home, where the atmosphere carries micro vibrations through fluid, which we call music! I wonder what Tien’s Hi-Fi is made of? 

Learn more on LinkedIn

2. DAC Fest 2022

🇨🇦 Did the girl guides come door-to-door selling DACs with you too? Tune into HiFi Cave as (he, name) starts his much-promised DAC reviews. It’s fresh; let’s support HiFi Cave. 

3. Simple Beauty

🇦🇷 Simple stories shared through Instagram. Tune into Suona Divina for a beautiful photo and video journey.

Learn more on Instagram.

4. Beautiful Interview

🇦🇷 Read more about the home of Gonzalo Oxenford in Buenos Aires within Resistor Magazine. Someone’s high fidelity curation can be so unique as to be a fingerprint. There are many fingerprints in our community and that is why I am an audiophile. Spread love. 

Listening Space: Gonzalo Oxenford – Buenos Aires, Argentina (Resistor Magazine)

5. Gospel Music News

🇺🇸 There was a lot of news at the Grammy’s. On my radar Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music wins Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. If you’re in that scene, you know them. 

6. Audio BFFs

🇨🇦 How many audiophiles can you meet in one regular week? I have a new audiophile best friend named Marcos; he loves to share his knowledge and collections as much as I love to take it in – it’s reciprocal. Marcos is the producer and content creator for YouTube channel Hifyed. Check it out, subscribe and hit the bell.

7. The Kristi Interview

🇺🇸 Kristi and Andrew are back on the tube sharing their home renovation process. My favorite part is the Kristi interview; I wonder if Julie would be willing to share her thoughts in a similar fashion? Am I ready for audio recovery? Drop a line and tune into Recovering Audiophile.

8. The Audiophiliac Podcast

🇺🇸 I had no idea Steve started a podcast. Have you started a podcast? 

Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

9. Lexicon 

🇩🇪  Darko does it again, 25 Hi-Fi Reviewer Cliches in 60 seconds. I must stop staying “blown away”, it’s a MAXELL JBL thing. 

10. Thank You

🇨🇦 EMMLabs becomes @audio_acoustic_engineering‘s 1000th Instagram follower! OMG.

More special thanks to and @njsoundguy

A global high-end & pro audio company with design and manufacturing in Calgary Alberta Canada; yes #YYC is hot in the audio scene! How does a Meitner DAC sound and what is special? Expect to see something develop here. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    April 10, 2022 at 11:15 pm

    Hmmmm…I loathe “Darko” and his typing. He resides now in Germany? Figures as that country is home plate for the pusillanimous. More dorko than darko. Yuck. A typist. There. That says it all. Darko is a
    T Y P I S T. Did I mention I loathe his typing? Well, I do.

    I think so-called “Gospel Music” is a much of a farce as MQA. As if “God” would listen to that crap if he existed. Yes, I am Cashew by birth and raising and Atheist by reason and choice. God for sale disgusts me no end whether it be a Priest, Rabbi, Minister or Smellivangelist.

    And the Grammy Awards are like unto the Oscars, which is to say a time to pubicly (yes, I spelt it that way on purpose!) pat yourself on the back side. Sooooo…PASS.

    I do not do “InstaSham” and think those that do are for the greater part naught prostitutes for attention.

    The “frAudiophiliac” is just too weird. One of my brothers has a term for him that you would doubtless not put up here. And no. It has nothing to do with religion if that is buzzing around in the empty space that makes up some of the “minds” of some of the readership here. They would be the ones to squeal in faux indignation when they read the truth. It is funny but not for PC crowd. I do not listen to “Podcasts”. Not some thing I want to nor need to do. That does not mean others can not. I simply do not. 🙂

    No…Guttenberg is not nearly so disgustingly bad as that Fremer creature and he is barely better than Lavorgna. That being is the definition of the personification of vile.

    Andrew Robinson and his wife Kristi seem just fine so far. I have watched and listened to a few of their reviews and other than when he waxes off on that which is purely subjective, I enjoy much of what he has to say. I am not going to watch any thing to do with any one’s “home renovation”. Not even for AV purposes. Yuck.

    Resistor Magazine’s reads as being very bitter. Hey! I freely admit that so am I at times so the old adage “It takes one to know one” rings true, eh? Perhaps he has good reason to be bitter? If so, we have that alone in common. 😉

    Time to rest. The interwebs have become some thing of an IOL. Imitation Of Life. I live else where. In all ways and for always, be well.


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