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T-Mobile Announces Free Wi-Fi Calling & Texting

T-Mobile Uncarrier 7.0

The self proclaimed Un-carrier, T-Mobile today announced three features to make its customers happier, because they are all free!

  1. Free Wi-Fi calling & Texting
  2. Free In-Flight texting with Gogo Wi-Fi
  3. Free Personal CellSpot for better signal at home

Free Wi-Fi calling and texting will be available to every Simple Choice customer on every new smartphone it sells. This new technology is designed to deliver high-quality HD voice, fast call setup times, fewer dropped calls and seamless voice coverage between T-Mobile’s nationwide Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network and Wi-Fi with compatible smartphones. T-Mobile customers can use any public or private Wi-Fi network for calling and texting.

All T-Mobile customers can also make free Wi-Fi calls to the United States from anywhere outside the country − all using their existing T-Mobile number with no app to install and no additional IDs or numbers to manage − wherever they have Wi-Fi.

For those that don’t get a good signal in their homes, T-Mobile announced a router called T-Mobile Personal CellSpot. The device turns your home internet connection into a T-Mobile cell tower, giving your proximity to a strong signal. This device does not boost an existing T-Mobile signal, instead it actually creates a new mini cell tower in your home. CellSpot can completely replace your existing Wi-Fi router or operate right alongside it. Plus it comes with unique patent-pending technology that prioritizes voice calls for crystal clear HD voice.

Every Simple Choice customer with a broadband connection and a Wi-Fi-calling ready smartphone can get a T-Mobile Personal CellSpot completely free of charge with a $25 refundable deposit. The only thing left to do is decide where you want your personal full-bars T-Mobile experience.

T-Mobile Gogo

In a closely related move, T-Mobile announced an exclusive partnership with Gogo in-flight internet service, allowing users to send and receive unlimited text and picture messages, and even get visual voicemail any Gogo-equipped flight on U.S.-based airlines − that’s more than 75% of domestic flights. The new in-flight service is free to all customers. Users just enable Gogo in-flight texting once, then you can message just about anyone from anywhere you’ve got Gogo.

John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile said, “The difference between us and the traditional carriers is that they’ll do everything they can to make more money off you. We’ll do everything we can to solve your problems, and today, that’s about uniting Wi-Fi with our data strong network for unprecedented coverage.”

All new T-Mobile features will be available September 17, 2014.

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