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Como Audio Ceases Operation

After just 7 short years, innovative high-end audio maker Como Audio has ceased operation. The company had strong sales but was derailed by COVID supply chain issues that made it impossible to fulfill demand.

Como Audio Duetto

Without an official press release or fanfare, innovative and well-received compact audio system maker Como Audio has gone out of business. 

What Happened to Como Audio?

Unlike many companies that failed because of a lack of sales or inferior products, Como Audio had robust sales and excellent product offerings. However, just like some other companies that have gone out of business in the past couple of years, Como Audio became a casualty of COVID-era supply chain interruptions

When you can’t get the needed parts, and the parts that are available are being offered at higher prices, manufacturing capability can’t meet customer demand. In the case of Como Audio, they couldn’t keep its most popular model, The Musica, in stock. 

Como Audio Duetto
Como Audio Duetto

As a result of this long-term situation, Peter Skeira, VP of Product Development, announced that Como Audio could no longer stay in business: “We did everything we could to keep the company going, but in the end, we had to face the fact that it was impossible for the company to survive under the circumstances…

Tip: Como Audio was founded by Tom Devesto, who also founded Tivoli Audio and Cambridge SoundWorks.

What Happens Now?

The Como Audio Website is still viewable for now, but nothing is for sale, and no orders are being taken. 

However, current owners of Como Audio Products, such as the Solo, Duetto, and the previously mentioned Musica can still use them, of course – The internet functionality, menus, and the Como Control app (iOS/Android) are all still available. However, there are two downsides:

  • There will be no more product or control app updates. 
  • Product Warranties are no longer valid.

For additional details regarding further notices or product support that may be available, refer to the About Como Audio Blog.

Como Audio products 

For those not familiar with Como Audio, here is a brief overview of the three main products they offered. If you are interested, you might be able to pick one up from any remaining sellers that might still have new units or pick one up used. 

Como Audio Solo
Como Audio Solo

Solo: The Como Solo is/was a unique compact audio product that combines a clock, over-the-air radio, Bluetooth, and streaming music player in which all content is accessible at the touch of a button instead of requiring a remote control or app (although the Solo is compatible with the Como control app). The Solo also includes a small LCD display that can show album art in addition to status information. 

Como Audio Duetta
Como Audio Duetta

Duetto: The Como Duetto takes all of the features of the Solo and combines them within a stereo speaker system that still retains a compact form factor. In addition to button and app control, a dedicated remote control is also included.

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Como Audio Musica
Como Audio Musica

Musica: The Como Musica takes the Solo/Duetta concept even further by incorporating a more powerful stereo sound system as well as adding wireless multiroom streaming capability. Another bonus: The Musica also includes a built-in CD player. Just like the Solo and Duetto, the app and remote control are included. 



  1. Richard Allen Hedwall

    November 30, 2023 at 6:07 pm

    How can I obtain repair documents for Como Solo?

  2. Gopher Baroque

    November 30, 2023 at 8:08 pm

    Not reaching Como Audio website (12/2023)

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