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AVIDHIFI’s Turntables Are Coming Back to North America

AVIDHIFI’s extensive range of high-end turntables are available again in North America. You can thank Focal Naim North America for that.

AVID Turntables

Having experienced both the AVID Ingenium Plug and Play and Diva II SP turntables at industry events abroad, this feels like a bold move by Focal Naim North America which has picked up the exclusive North American distribution rights.

Naim already offers the Solstice and the company has also taken over the distribution of Thorens which gives their dealers a wide range of options from all three brands. The addition of AVIDHIFI adds 5 existing models and it appears that the distribution is limited to the turntables.

AVIDHIFI offers a rather extensive range of amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, phono pre-amplifiers, loudspeakers, cables, phono cartridges, and equipment stands as well.

“Focal Naim North America is proud to distribute AVIDHIFI with its exceptional build quality and outstanding sonic performance,” said Roman Vet, VP Marketing and Sales of Focal Naim North America. “We are committed to supporting our brands and providing our network of dealers with the best in high-end audio and AVIDHIFI is a tremendous addition to our portfolio.”

Ingenium Plug and Play

Ingenium Plug and Play Turntable

Ingenium is the entry-level turntable and comes as standard complete with a tonearm and cartridge, pre-mounted and pre-adjusted.

  • Ingenium Plug and Play (black) – $1,999 (2,599 $CDN)
  • Ingenium Plug and Play (black + metal platter) – $2,699 ($3,509 CDN)
  • Both include TA-1 tonearm & CA-1 cartridge



A heavy aluminum platter and vibration absorbing properties of the screw-down clamp and sapphire bearing, work symbiotically with the chassis to reduce background noise to vanishing levels. The twin belt drive controls platter stability, coupled with the Digital Signal processing engine ironing out variations in the electrical supply, precision control of the speed is achieved, improving bass and treble definition for a smooth, dynamic sound.

  • DIVA II SP includes Altus tonearm and Ionic cartridge (black) – $9,999 ($12,999 CDN)


AVID Volvere Turntable

Having evolved over two decades, this latest generation incorporating the latest external DSP signal-generating power supply, which totally removes the vagaries of the mains signal, allows the precise calibration of motor speed so everything is pitch perfect.

  • VOLVERE includes Altus tonearm and Ionic cartridge (black or silver) – $12,999 ($16,899 CDN)



Allowing you to experience the very best that vinyl has to offer, the Sequel impresses with its combination of crisp clean clarity, outstanding solidity, and precise sound. Cascading key features from the iconic Acutus, Sequel has a focus and immediacy, with delicacy and finesse that is beguiling.

  • SEQUEL includes Altus tonearm and Ionic cartridge (black) – $15,999 ($12,479 CDN)
  • SEQUEL includes Nexus tonearm & Boron cartridge (black) – $21,999 ($28,599 CDN)

ACUTUS Classic

AVID ACUTUS Classic Turntable

Acutus was born from 20 years of chasing perfection and remains almost unchanged today after a quarter century in production. Launching not only the company, but an ethos to strive for perfection in everything they do, today it is the Acutus Classic.

  • ACUTUS Classic includes Nexus tonearm & Reference Ruby cartridge – $33,999 ($44,199 CDN)

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  1. ORT

    July 29, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    “Turntables”?! More “turnmystomachtables”. I could say more but apparently the A.I. is reticent…oh yes, reticent to allow me free rein on this one.

    Talk about gawdawful design. Enough. Suffice to say these are hideous.

    LeORTnado Da Vinci

    • Ian White

      July 30, 2023 at 10:45 am


      You may be correct on the industrial design, but having listened to two of them — you will not convince me that they don’t offer a lot in regard to their sonic performance. These are very good turntables.

      Not selling my Thorens to get one but they do extract a lot from the grooves.

      Ian White

  2. ORT

    July 31, 2023 at 5:18 pm


    What can I say? I am shallow and if it is this (to me or the entire world) fugly, even if I can afford it there is now way I am buying it.

    It’s a wonder I got married but if I were a turntable not even I would look as bad as these things do. 😉


    • Ian White

      July 31, 2023 at 8:29 pm


      I don’t disagree that the tables are not exactly eye-popping. You know that the Michell Gyro SE is my benchmark. Nothing could top it visually.

      I laughed so hard at the last sentence.


  3. ORT

    August 1, 2023 at 1:36 pm

    Ian – Thankyew…Thankyewveruhmuch!

    I consider myself the amateur “Jacob Rodney Cohen” of my family…I watch his “interviews” from Johnny Carson at least a couple of times a month. There will never be anyone as superb as that man. Never.

    It is a crime that we age.


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