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ATC’s Award-Winning Loudspeakers Will Be Cheaper in 2023?

ATC’s 2023 U.S. retail price sheet has been released and the entire lineup is going to be less expensive this year.

ATC SCM150ASLT LE Loudspeaker System with P6 Amplifier

The post-pandemic economy has not been kind to a lot of high-end audio manufacturers; price increases became the norm with some brands increasing the retail sticker price by over 30%. Supply chain and shipping issues caused long delays for products and components that utilized chips were hit even harder; that shortage has now turned into a supply glut and companies are concerned that a recession will leave them with inventory they can’t sell.

ATC’s situation seems to have turned around based on communication that we received earlier today.

A quick look through the 2023 price sheets reveals that their speakers will be less expensive starting next week. Or returning to pre-pandemic prices?

ATC SCM40 Loudspeaker White

We were interested to know how this was possible with the current market uncertainty and reached out to Leland Leard​, of Lone Mountain Audio (US Distributor for ATC) for some clarification.

How are you able to lower prices so significantly?

“Our freight costs are 1/5 what they were a couple of months ago. The dollar has increased its strength against the pound. And we’re finally beginning to see less freight damage, though I hesitate to mention this, as I don’t want to jinx us. Our goal is to maintain these prices throughout 2023. Wish us luck.”

We currently have a pair of ATC SCM40A under review which you will be able to read about in January.

2023 ATC Hi-Fi Retail Prices

Priced per pair unless noted as each, effective from January 1, 2023.

ATC SCM7 Bookshelf Loudspeaker

Entry Series Passive (Cherry, Black Ash, Black Satin, White Satin)

  • SCM7 5 in. 2-way $1,999 $1,349
  • SCM11 6 in. CLD 2-way $2,899 $1,999
  • SCM19 7 in. SL 2-way $4,799 $3,249
  • SCM40 9 in. SC 3-way $7,999 $5,999

Entry Series Active (Cherry, Black Ash, Black Satin, White Satin)

  • SCM19A 7 in. SL 2-way active $9,999 $6,999
  • SCM40A 7 in. SC 3-way active $14,999 $10,999
ATC C1C Center Channel Speaker
ATC C1C Center

Entry Series Centers & Sub (Cherry, Black Ash, Black Satin, White Satin)

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  • C1C Center w/ SCM7 drivers passive $1,299/each
  • C3C Center w/ SCM11 drivers passive $1,999/each
  • C1SUB Mk2 Powered Sub 12 in. $2,999/each

Classic Series Passive (Cherry, Black Ash, Walnut, Oak, Black Satin, White Satin)
(Premium Veneer Available, High Gloss or Piano finish – Call for Quote)

  • SCM20P 7 in. SL 2-way $5,499
  • SCM50P 9 in. SL 3-way $15,999
  • SCM100P 12 in. SL 3-way $23,999
  • SCM150P 15 in. SL 3-way $30,999
ATC SCM100 Tower Loudspeaker
ATC SCM100PT (cherry)

Tower Series Passive (Cherry, Black Ash, Walnut, Oak, Black Satin, White Satin)
(Premium Veneer Available, High Gloss or Piano finish – Call for Quote)

  • SCM20PT 7 in. SL 2-way $7,999
  • SCM50PT 9 in. SL 3-way $18,499
  • SCM100PT 12 in. SL 3-way $24,999
  • SCM150PT 15 in. SL 3-way $33,999
  • SCM200PT 2 x 12 in. SL 3-way $39,999
  • SCM300PT 2 x 15 in. SL 3-way $54,999

Classic, Tower, Center, and Sub Options

  • ADD 3-way ACTIVE for 50-150 Pair $6,000
  • ADD 3-way ACTIVE for 200-300 Pair $18,000
  • ADD Premium Veneer, High Gloss or Piano Finish (per pr.) inquire

Classic Centers (Cherry, Black Ash, Walnut, Oak, Black Satin, White Satin)
(Premium Veneer Available, High Gloss or Piano finish – Call for Quote)

  • C4CA Center w/SCM20 drivers active $7,999/each
  • C6CA Center w/SCM50 drivers active $19,999/each

Subwoofers (Cherry, Black Ash, Walnut, Oak, Black Satin, White Satin)

  • C4SUB Powered Sub 12 in. $11,999/each
  • C6SUB Powered Sub 15 in. $14,999/each
ATC HTS7 On-wall Loudspeaker White

HTS on Wall Passive (Black Satin or White Satin)

  • HTS7 or HTS7C (SCM7 drivers in vertical or horizontal) $749/each
  • HTS11 or HTS11C (SCM11 drivers in vertical or horizontal) $1,199/each
  • HTS40 or HTS40C (SCM40 drivers in vertical or horizontal) $3,250/each

ATC Hand-made Electronics

  • CA2 Preamp, remote control $3,249
  • CDA-2mkII Preamp/DAC/CD, remote control $4,999
  • SIA2-150 Integrated Amplifier, Pure Analog $5,999
  • P1 150 watt/ch, Dual Mono Amp, no fan, 3RU $3,999
  • P2 300 watt/ch, Dual Mono Amp, no fan, 3RU $5,499

Compact ATC Hand-made Electronics

  • CD2 Compact Disc Player, remote control $2,499
  • SIA2-100 Integrated Amplifier, 100 watt/ch $3,999

Discrete ATC Hand-made Electronics

  • SCA2 Analog Precision Discrete Preamp $12,999
  • SPH2 Discrete Phono Preamp for SCA2, built-in $999

Prices subject to change without notice.

For more information:

Note: The top photo is of the ATC SCM150ASLT Limited Edition Loudspeaker System which includes P6 Amplifier. Only 22 pairs were made and it was originally released on August 5, 2020 for £46,600 inc. VAT (~$60,000).

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  1. Dana Shay

    December 30, 2022 at 7:09 pm

    After 40 years of lapping up everything audio, ecoustic has never been on my radar.
    All of that changes now.
    Color me stupefied. Having just read my first article, I need more!
    It seems that every word is directed right at me! Scary.
    Very much excited to read more, much more!
    Please accept my thanks, and maybe a little adoration. Woof.
    Very glad to have found you. Finally. Please carry on!

  2. Deepak Chandra

    December 31, 2022 at 9:19 am

    ATC dropping their prices!

    Me: Hitting my head repeatedly against the wall 🙁

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