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New Music Wednesday: Wiz Khalifa, Jinger, Vince Staples & Jack White

Jack White and Jinger deliver some ferocious tracks this week on New Music Wednesdays.

New Music Wednesday 2022-05-04

Wiz Khalifa: Full Court Press

(Release Date: 04/08/2022, Qobuz, 16-bit/44.1kHz)

This collaboration with Big K.R.I.T, Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk delivers an electrifying beat and is a rather groovy and eclectic mixture of tracks. It won’t prove to be super accessible for some, but fans will love how the big man mixes it up with his supporting cast.

Where to listen/buy: Qobuz

Jinger/Decapitated: “Hello Death”

(Release Date: 04/08/2022, Qobuz, 24-bit/44.1kHz)

Death metal is new to me; having grown up in a house where AC/DC, Rush, Metallica, and Black Sabbath were almost background music for my parents. Jinger are a Ukrainian death metal band with a new audience due to Russia’s invasion and the growing popularity of Ukrainian bands across Europe.

Lead singer, Tatiana Shmailyuk delivers almost everything with the intensity of a charging bull; she also has tremendous range and you need to watch her perform “Pisces” if you think she’s just some screaming metal chick.

Where to listen/buy: Qobuz | Amazon

Vince Staples: Ramona Park Broke My Heart

(Release Date: 04/08/2022, Qobuz, 16-bit/44.1kHz)

The Compton-born rap artist has been part of the Los Angeles hip-hop/rap scene since 2010 and he cleverly mixes some hard hitting lyrics and social commentary with a driving beat that makes him far more listenable than many of contemporaries.

The music has an explicit edge to it but Staples isn’t doing for shock value alone; he’s quite good at telling stories and keeping one’s attention.

Where to listen/buy: Qobuz | Amazon

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Jack White: Fear of the Dawn

(Release Date: 04/08/2022, Qobuz, 24-bit/96kHz)

The former White Stripes frontman has two solo album releases for 2022; the second album is due out in July. Fear of the Dawn delivers a hard hitting edge with an interesting blend of 1970s hard rock combined with electronic music. White plays homage to Black Sabbath with the title track and delivers quite a pounding with its layered instrumentals and ferocious guitar playing.

Stream audio from Jack White’s entire 2022 tour and other favorite artists on

Where to listen/buy: Qobuz | Amazon

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    May 4, 2022 at 11:43 pm

    At the risk of offending those who look everywhere to be “offended” except in a mirror, I do not care at all for cRap, Hick-Hop (aka: “new country”), Hip-Hop, et al.

    ‘Cuz dat ain’t music!

    You know what cRap reminds me of? Beatnik “poetry”. Yuck! Take that pusillanimous pc people! 😉 What kind of “name” “Whiz” supposed to be? Whiz like “pee pee” or whiz like “gee whiz” or maybe he is a real smart guy as in a “whiz bang” of a fellow? Pfffft!

    Jack White is kinda-sorta okie-dokie but other than the James Bond theme he did several years ago, I do not listen to anything by him. It is the same with that emo kid, Billie Eyelash, other than the Bond theme she recently did I have no real need to listen to her emoting. That theme of hers is barely listenable, LOL!

    Oh and yes, I am more than aware that every older generation thinks new music sucks and theirs is the best. Being of a certain age and having a life that spans 8 decades now, my favorite music ranges from the 40s through the 80s. If a farteest has to “sample” (read: steal) another’s work, requires Auto-Tune to “sing” and dresses like a (Bugs Bunny ALERT!) maroon?

    I am not wasting my precious time. Let the covid-crowd begin with their whining and gnashing of grills (think about that one, kiddos!). I could give an airborne intercourse what someone feels about my choice in music. If I wanted to hear some off-tune, talent less dope sing, I would simply record my self and play it back!

    How do these talent less peepses earn any money from their “music”? No one is buying that stuff. People are buying records and CDs and paying for music services but I doubt they earn much from the latter and to be honest, they suck and so should not earn a thing, LOL!

    They surely must be living beyond their means. I doubt they even know what that means. 😉

    Thank you for the article and just because I care not for the “music” does not mean I do not enjoy your writing.

    And I truly enjoy the equipment reviews/reports. They are my favourite here! Thank you all!


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