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Admin this is getting OUT OF CONTROL, because of just a few retards (I am sorry I have to resort to that, but there is no other way to describe those mentally unstable people), others suffer. Regulars who post not daily, BUT HOURLY, are forced to go elsewhere, because their posts of INVALUABLE HELP are met with constant F U's, mother F's, suck my something or other, and other profanities WHICH CANNOT EVEN BE POSTED HERE WITHOUT BREAKING THE FORUM/SITE RULES (which some question even exist).

We do understand that with you being busy as you are you cannot monitor every aspect of this website and a simple post edit, which is appreciated, SIMPLY DOES NOT HELP.

We ask that you either assign a mod to the forum (free of charge, all we ask for is a CLEAN board) or maybe someone from your team can monitor the forum, because while useful posts are getting deleted, those that contain F U's are being left alone.

Here are just SOME of those profoundly insane posts:

PLEASE Admin do something EFFECTIVE, because the DSS forum is turning into a DUMP !!!!


cry babies post here
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stop crying ya little baby

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I'd volunteer to be a mod if the board really needed one. Something does need to be done though.

ok man
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joe smoe why doncha go blow

steven p.
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Well helter in this thread you started it by posting that annoying spam can if he was spamming just come here and tell the admin so he can deal with it. Unfortenally we dont really have problems in the caraudio forums because most of the people there are americans and respect one another and most of us are actually knowledgable in home theather but everyone stays away form there because of all the foreigners causing trouble.the home theather forums are a disaster because of all the people overthere are foreigners canadians,people fom uk, and dont respect other peole and theyre just plain stup!d most of them are know it alls like if you post, i wanna connect this receiver how do i hook it up? and some regular from the forums automatically answers oh its crap buy something else. Instead of telling him how to connect it they instantly put you down. They just have no respect. And then theyres the anons oh my god i dont even want to go there.

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@steven p.

I was ONLY talking about the DSS forum, never have I mentioned the WHOLE website.

As far as reporting spam to the admin everytime someone makes a spam post, you would not only be wasting your whole day (because DSS forum is filled with spam), but you would also not have the time to answer those users who are seeking help, and in the end all you'd be doing is reporting spam/scam/profanity posts to the admin, that is WHY I was asking for a moderator, who would be doing the editing and deleting himself instead of going through a middle man each and every time.

And pardon me but stereotyping people of other nationalities like you've done in your post is nothing to be proud of as an American, as far as I'm concerned there are just about as many dimwitted Americans as there are dimwits from any other country, and you don't have to go far, look at our president.
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