LK heres a thought!!!!


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LK heres a thought!!!!!!!!!! Why would blacklist release epg if FTAs are a dead horse. Why would a team of coders release epg for ftas when they know that it will last only a few months why know. My thought is that the ftas have been here for a while with no epg. If they have comprimiced the nagra 2 maybe that has given them a better understanding of the nagra 1 and how epg work? Why spend a million dollars to operate on a horse that will die anyway don't make sense.

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The EPG is a way to continue to sell FTA's before nagar2 is U know,FTA's have been selling very inexpensive and sales have dropped considerably...this EPG just keeps the candle burning a little longer until or IF Nagra2 is ever hacked..remember BL works for Pansat,the largest FTA dealer in the world..its a simple marketing ploy to ignite the DEMAND again from the public...I beleive EPG was developed long ago,but was their ace in the hole used to increase the demand in these last stages before N2...notice how all the EPG bins were released within a 1 week period of time,except for coo*lsat and dreambox..

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Several month ago I way chating with blacklist he informed that he was testing nagra 2 on 2300a. He also told me that all other pansats had the atmega 128 chip. He also told me that the 2300 had a different atmega chip I think he said it was the 156 chip. I looked at 2500 chip a sure as sh*t it was the 128. I looked at my 2300 chip and sure as sh*t he was right again. He also stated that all other FTAS with 128 chip would need to upgrade but the 2300 was ok no mod needed. I know you will think I am full of sh*t but he was right to this point.

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That has been common knowledge among testers for many months..many do believe,that IF,nagra2 is hacked,then the 2300 will NOT require a's an old post (6 months ago in December) from Conan,a well respected coder at dsscommunity..


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Xcal and others,

The present Nagra1 system and the card image on the ROM cards is what FTA IRDs use for duplicating the decryption process. This is done by copying the ROM image to the FTA unit's EEPROM, very much like writing to a card. BUT, because the IRDs EEPROM can only be accessed by the serial port connected directly to a computer, that means that the EEPROM code cannot be changed through the stream like what happens when DN sends down an ECM and screws up the card. This makes FTA units very stable and less prone to ECMs and TV just keeps going and going.

What's important about Nagra2 is that it's more secure of a card and harder to access. However the Nagra2 ROM image can still be used on an FTA IRD, providing that the IRD has adequate memory and hardware functionality to support the new Nagra2 system.

The good news is that Nagra2 has been hacked. This guarantees that FTA will be around a long time. I am not 100% certain what this means to all present FTA IRD owners. In the case of Pansats, the 2500 will need a minor chip replacement, which shouldn't be more than $100 to get the 2500 Nagra2 capable. The chip will be ready when Nagra2 is ready and Nagra1 is no longer in the stream. I believe that the older 2300 IRDs may not even need this mod to be capable of dealing with Nagra2.

The new model 5000 won't need any modification and based on what I believe is good information, Dave will be in for a surprise very soon too and there won't be diddly he can do about it except to change out all the cards once again. The new Model 5000 will be capable of decrypting either Dave or DN but not both as I understand it. The days of hashing are going to be a thing of the past. It may take a little time to tweak the bins written to the IRDs but it won't be long until Dave runs out of options. My theory is that the ASIC HAS BEEN CRACKED. I can't see any other way of doing it. But, if I really knew for sure, I'd be in jail now. Just stand by. The coders are the best in the world.


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Need help. I have a Fortec lifetime ultra but there is no CODE option in Channel edit. There are TV and Radio options only. I upload the Al7bar FTA Ultra_050524_273_api(NTSC) but is still not able to see the CODE option.

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Alex...first this thread is NOT about 'code options"...please read the rules! not HIJACK others threads!...

next,I have already wrote a thread about 1-2 months ago about that problem,so why don't U look throught the threads here until U find the correct one...U'll know it when U see it!...does this look familiar "Fortec...NO CODE OPTION"?...dah! read the link and post in that thread,if U still don't understand!


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Kneegrow the Mod here!

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Now tell me,that Kneegrow is NOT an Ecoustics mod, paid to create havoc here,play the clown,entertain,run these forums so as to draw internet hits for google for the sponsors and Ecoustics,and delete informative posts to save bandwidth and keeps people coming back to ask the same questions over and over (more internet hits at 10 cents each = alot of money),...ITS ALL SO OBVIOUS!...HE'S A MOD HERE!...and a SNITCH/MOLE for DTV,Dishnet,BEV and the FCC...U all think he's funny,but he's got your IP logged and your email addy (if U're stupid enough to register here)and handing it over to the authorities...

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