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Click menu and then use the right arrow to switch display screens
The third screen has three entries. The last entry says "Code"

If you are not seeing this screen , you probably have not loaded the correct software.If U only have TV or radio options (no CODE option), then load the 269 autoroll,then U will have the CODE option.

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1) install 269 right on top of what you have.

2) menu, rite arrow twice, down arrow twice to code... hit ok... 1010 is password... now at this screen look at the green box where it says key code fucntion... it must be ON ...if it is not, rite arrow 1x , password is 1668 ...that will turn key code ON...exit exit exit

3 menu, rite arrow twice down arrow twice to code... password 1010... down arrow to where it says " default keys" ok and let them reset.... this will fix anything you screwed up in that screen.

exit exit exit...

4) menu rite arrow tv channels..... delete all the channels... everything...

this will fix everything you screwed up there

exit exit exit

5 menu, rite arrow 1 time, down arrow to tp scan... select ONE sat and select all tps and confirm signal as it should be and rescan in that sat.

6) when complete tune into a good station with good signal and wait... I like the first HBO about channel 8 or 9 on 119....

the new codes will roll in a few minutes and you are done.

all this should be done with one cable to the rec and no switch or switch settings. if using multi sats, you can dial all that in later after it works.

reccomend dumping any channel lists you have regardless of source.

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hope this helps many

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