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A Conversation with Gold Rush Vinyl: The Record Lady

Amplifying female voices is vital to the continued growth of the vinyl industry. Meet Caren Kelleher, the founder of Gold Rush Vinyl.

Caren Kelleher, Founder of Gold Rush Vinyl

Last week, I had the honor of sitting down to chat with Caren Kelleher, founder of Gold Rush Vinyl in Austin, Texas. Gold Rush Vinyl is one of only two women-owned and operated vinyl pressing plants in the world. Caren started her company in 2018, transitioning into pressing records after forging a career in the tech side of the music industry. We talked about her unexpected path to making vinyl, the challenges she’s overcome in starting a record pressing plant, and the amazing ways in which her company seeks to empower the musicians that it serves.

Caren Kelleher has created new opportunities for women in the music industry and empowered women who love vinyl playback to stretch their wings and help shape the conversation and direction of the industry going forward.

Watch our conversation below to learn all about Caren’s inspiring journey.

Gold Rush Vinyl Logo

For more information: Gold Rush Vinyl Pressing Plant

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