Toshiba Satellite E205 Review

This stylish and innovative notebook offers strong performance and can wirelessly stream high-def video to your TV.

4 stars
(4 out of 5)

Hey, it’s 2010, don’t you think you deserve a notebook that looks and performs like it was designed for the new decade? Say hello to the Toshiba Satellite E205, a $899 14-inch notebook that was designed in partnership with Best Buy. Its futuristic lines and blazing Core i5 processor give this 5.2-pound system plenty of appeal, but the coolest feature is Intel’s new Wireless Display technology. With the push of a button you can start streaming 720p video (or whatever is on the screen) to your HDTV using a bundled adapter from Netgear. It doesn’t have enough graphics muscle for playing hardcore games, but the E205 offers a strong combination of style, innovation, and power.

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  • Modern, stylish design Strong Core i5 performance Wirelessly streams video to TV Comfortable backlit keyboard Useful utilities included Two-year warranty


  • Stiff touch buttons Long boot time Subpar graphics performance Best Buy Software Installer a bit aggressive
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