T.B.I. Magellan VIP Active Bass Module Review

T.B.I. Magellan VIP Active Bass Module Review

After considering several options, we chose this unconventional sub from a smaller brand. As we desired a versatile and musical subwoofer over those with visceral traits alone, the Magellan was a great match for our needs. It provides “bass texture” that subs costing much more demonstrate, yet has great flexibility and control to match with various sets, types, and brands of speakers.

Reaching down to a manufacturer claimed (and undisputed by this writer)18Hz frequency response, the VIP also reaches up into the 150hz territory making it a great match for full range speakers and monitors alike. Though subs are notoriously difficult to position in rooms, this subwoofer has stayed in the location where we first placed it, just to the right of center, between our mains, and have had no trouble “dialing it in” to seamlessly match our reference mains. The Magellan’s unique shape also makes it more placement versatile than most other subs (try sliding some very competent alternatives under a couch!) while sacrificing neither timber or range; the aptly named VIP is physically discrete and probably more universally welcome in most rooms, than the majority of the large, box-shaped competitors! Kudos to TBI for literally thinking “out of the box”, creatively producing an awesome, unique and yet very utilitarian product!


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