Sony NWZ-W270 Walkman Sports MP3 Player

Sony NWZ-W270

Sony announced the waterproof Walkman Sports MP3 Player (NWZ-W270) for listening in the gym, on the trail, or in the pool. The wearable MP3 player integrates stereo in-ear headphones into a sealed all-in-one device. The new Walkman replaces Sony’s previous W series model NWZ-W262.

The NWZ-W270 device is designed with intuitive controls to easily adjust volume to play, pause, or change songs on-the-go. With its 4G of on-board memory, users can easily drag and drop DRM-free music files from iTunes for Mac or PC, Windows® Media Player, or Windows Explorer. The NWZ-W270 player delivers up to eight hours of audio playback on a full charge. It also offers a convenient quick-charge function. Even if the battery if fully depleted, with just three minutes of charge time, the device can provide music for up to 60 minutes.

Sony NWZ-W270 Walkman

Sony claims the NWZ-W270 offers crystal clear highs and deep bass. The player features a new tension band for a supportive fit and comes with small, medium, and large earpieces – ideal for secure, long-term wearing comfort during running, cycling or swimming.


  • Waterproof design for swimming and intense workouts
  • Cordless, one-piece wearable sports music player
  • 3-minute quick charge function
  • Drag and drop MP3’s from iTunes or Windows Media Player
  • Compact design with 4 GB internal memory
  • Easy navigation of songs and folders
  • Enjoy shuffle mode and playlist compatibility (PC only)
  • Crystal clear sound and deep bass
  • USB cable, charging dock, S/M/L ear-buds and tension band included

Sony NWZ-W270 - running

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Sony NWZ-W270 - black

Pricing and Availability
The Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player will be available in March 2013 in blue, pink, white, and black for $99.99.

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