Sharp HT-SB60, SB40, SB30, SB20 Sound Bars

Sharp HT-SB30 Sound Bar

For 2013, Sharp announced four sound bars available for use with 40-inch or 60-inch (or larger) TVs. The two higher numbered models offers 2.1 channels of audio with wireless subwoofer and more amplifier power.

HT-SB30 / HT-SB20 (pictured above)

  • Designed for use with 40″ class TV Models and larger
  • High-end design
  • Sound expansion feature
  • HT-SB30 adds “Bluetooth” connection
  • Total output power: RMS 40W (20W/channel)
  • All-in-one sound bar solution
  • Auto power On/Off function
  • User friendly remote control
  • Terminals: 3.5mm stereo jack audio input

HT-SB30 $179.99 (April Availability)
HT-SB20 $149.99 (March Availability)

Sharp HT-SB60 Sound Bar

HT-SB60 / HT-SB40 (pictured above)

  • HT-SB60: Designed for use with 60″ Class TV Models and larger
  • HT-SB40: Designed for use with 40″ Class TV Models and larger
  • Flexible design for horizontal and wall mounted use
  • Exposed drivers for high-end design
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Total output power: RMS 310W (80W/ch + 150W sub)
  • HDMI 3D + Audio Return Channel (ARC)
  • Dolby & DTS decoders
  • Auto power On/Off function
  • Simple connection via TV’s HDMI, headphone or optical terminal
  • User friendly remote control
  • Terminals: HDMI In x 2/HDMI Out(ARC)/Optical x 1/3.5mm input

HT-SB60 $599.99 (Available now)
HT-SB40 $349.99 (Available March 2013)

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