Sceptre introduced the E325BV-HD 32-inch LED LCD HDTV, a blend of high performance, modern design and affordability. Encased in a ultra light chassis weighing only 20 lbs with stand, this TV provides 1366×768 resolution and 6.5ms response time. In addition, it swivels up to 30 degrees, is neck and base detachable, and wall mountable, making it versatile enough to double as a computer monitor or digital signage. Also Sceptre claims superb energy efficiency with an estimated yearly energy cost of only $11.

Equipped with 3 HDMI ports, a USB port and a headphone jack, the new LED HDTV allows users to quickly and easily share pictures, listen to music or even connect their laptops. The unit also features 2×10 watt built-in speakers and multiple features to maximize audio quality, including noise reduction filer, surround sound mode, sound equalizer settings and auto volume level control

Price and Availability
The Sceptre E325BV-HD 32-inch LED HDTV is currently available online at Wal-Mart for $329.

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