Peachtree Audio DS4.5 Computer Speakers

Peachtree Audio DS4.5 Computer Speakers

For far too long, the CE industry has all but ignored the millions of people who actually use their computer as a Music Management system. For far too long, people spend hours in front of a screen accompanied by cheap looking and sounding plastic speakers w/ minimal power and performance.

Peachtree Audio intends to alter this trend with one of the first true audiophile-grade speakers specifically meant to sonically and visually compliment your desk-top. The DS4.5 is a high-end speaker available in real wood veneers. Rosewood and Black Gloss with cherry coming soon. The DS4.5 works great with the Decco or Nova as a Desktop Computer Audio package. Although their primary intended use is for computers, they are very good mini-monitors in any system requiring a small package and high-end sound.

While the new DS4.5 speakers are Peachtree Audio’s first speakers, the manufacturers are born from a long speaker pedigree. The parent company, Signal Path, also manufacturers the critically acclaimed and highly reviewed Era line of loudspeakers. The custom drivers, designed by Michael Kelly of Aerial Acoustics make up the heart of the DS4.5 and may well be the best set of “Computer/mini-monitor speakers” available today. The long throw 4″ woofer makes extreme bass for the size and the silk-dome tweeter is perfect for near and far-field listening.

The cosmetics were designed to specifically match that of the Peachtree Audio integrated amps which feature USB inputs (among others) for your computer and other digital devices. It allows “digital” transfer from your computer to the onboard DAC turning it into a high-end music server.

Although the combo works well for a small room system, its primary design was for those strapped to their computer for hours at a time listening (or not) to cheap plastic speakers.

PACKAGE PRICING: When bought with the Decco, consumers save $300 off retail on the package. The package has a UMRP of $1,199.

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