Octava 3×1 HDMI switch with L/R Stereo Audio Routing.


Norcross, Ga. – Octava Inc., specialists in HDMI solutions, announced the release of a 3×1 HDMI switch with L/R Stereo Audio Routing.

The HDS31A is custom made for legacy HDTV’s with a DVI input. First generation HDTVs typically include 1 DVI input for digital video and L/R stereo audio inputs that are mapped for other video sources such as composite or S-video. This often makes connections to multiple HDMI sources cumbersome.

The HDS31A enables users to connect 3 HDMI video sources and 3 LR stereo audio outputs to the HDTV thru a single connection and allows users to keep the video input select on DVI. The L/R stereo audio connections are synchronized with the HDMI source selection.

The HDS31A has 3 HDMI inputs, 3 sets of L/R stereo audio inputs and is full 1080P compatible. Controlling the HDS31A is easy via IR remote or manual selection.

HDMI is the latest standard for distributing High Definition Digital Video and Audio in high def displays for 2 reasons: 1) uncompressed digital format ensures the best picture quality and 2) HDMI allows content providers to ensure that their intellectual property is protected through HDCP.

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