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Genesis 6.1sr Wins Innovations Design Award

Genesis 6.1sr Wins Innovations Design Award

Genesis 6.1sr Wins Innovations Design and Engineering Award

Seattle, WA – Genesis Advanced Technologies, the leader in High-End Audiophile loudspeakers, today announced that the Genesis 6.1sr surround loudspeaker has received the prestigious Innovations 2005 Design and Engineering Award. The G6.1sr will be showcased at Innovations Plus located in CES Central Plaza, at the International CES Expo in Las Vegas, January 6-10, 2005.

The Design And Engineering Awards honor superior design and engineering among the most technologically advanced products in consumer electronics. This prestigious annual competition culminates at the International CES in Las Vegas in January. Products are judged on user value, aesthetics, contribution to quality of life, and innovative design and qualities.

“We are thrilled to be among the Design and Engineering Showcase honorees yet again this year. It validates all the research, engineering and design that we have put this product. There were a number of firsts in the G6.1sr. The first frequency-splitting/phase-shifting crossover to maintain bass response even in dipole mode, the first surround speaker to go down to 50Hz in dipole mode, and we were the first to stuff three complete loudspeakers in a single cabinet so as to maintain absolute fidelity even for a surround channel,” said Mr. Gary Leonard Koh, Managing Director. “Arnie Nudell really pulled out all stops on this one when he designed his first surround channel. The result is a surround speaker that achieves the harmonic and dynamic levels of the front and center channels in either monopole or dipole mode!”

“We had the additional consideration of making the G6.1sr installer-friendly — allowing for side-wall, rear-wall and corner mounting. When we were doing the industrial design of the G6.1sr, we wanted to make it family-friendly and beautiful — like a piece of fine furniture that the owner would be proud to display in their homes. That the Industrial Designers Society of America endorses the design award shows that the aesthetics and design quality of the G6.1sr is top notch,” said Mr. Scott Garside, Genesis Marketing Manager. “Winning this award confirms that we were right to do this, departing from the usual loudspeaker design to make it elegant, beautiful and easily able to fit into the decor of your home.”

Genesis will be displaying their award winning designs and loudspeaker systems at Alexis Park, Suite 2301, during the CES 2005 Expo. More information can be found on the web at:

About Genesis Advanced Technologies
Genesis Advanced Technologies is a leading developer of high-end audiophile loudspeaker systems. Founded by the developer of the legendary Infinity IRS speaker system, Mr. Arnie Nudell, Genesis is now a worldwide manufacturing and sales organization with a commitment to absolute fidelity, in product service and performance.

Absolute fidelity is a trademark of Genesis Advanced Technologies Pty Ltd in the United States and other countries.
For more information please contact: Genesis Advanced Technologies • 4407 6th Ave NW • Seattle, WA 98107 • voice: 206-789-3400 • fax: 206-789-7577 •

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