Bel Canto S300iUSB Integrated Amplifier


Built-In 24/96 USB Input Board and DAC Improves Computer-Based Music Files

Bel Canto Design, Ltd., manufacturers of analog and digital source components and amplifiers pulls the cover off their latest integrated, the S300iUSB for fast-proliferating computer-based music systems.

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A rapidly expanding cadre of enthusiasts use iTunes to arrange and play their carefully groomed computer-based music collections. But how to port all that downloaded, ripped and recorded high resolution material to your stereo system? Bel Canto hears you; we understand what you want and make what you need. You want your audio easy-to-access, eco-modern (cool-running, low power consumption), small and easy-to-place, and sounding particularly awesome! You want the S300iUSB integrated amp.

The S300iUSB takes a direct input from the USB output of your computer using the same circuitry developed for our popular stand-alone USB Link 24/96 (for 44.1/16-bit DACs). Our well-regarded 24/96 upsampling DAC board does the business into 300 watts of dual-mono fully-balanced power per channel. This powerful but cool-running, half-size integrated amp uses the same technology found in our sweet-sounding S300 stereo amplifier. The dual-mono regulated switching supplies and all-encompassing parallel protection circuits breeze through over-current or thermal overload conditions protecting your investment and staying completely out of the signal path. And it features Bel Canto’s easy-to-use, multipurpose digitally-controlled analog volume control.

Simply run a USB connection from your computer to the S300iUSB, add a set of speakers, and the listening pit is open! Air-conduct Mahler, Poulenc or Stravinsky, settle deep in the groove with Miles, Ellington and Basie, or get wild to Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas and Kings of Leon!

We Get Reports
Our Quality Control Engineers have heard that in the midst of all-important, attention-consuming tasks (updating Facebook?) S300iUSB users often find themselves entranced, fingers hovering unmoving over the keyboard, captivated by the music. At Bel Canto we live for these moments and do everything we can to stretch it out for the full performance!

Bel Canto music products are eminently satisfying, discrete and sleek enough to flatter any room. Designer John Stronczer uses less power to do more with elegant, efficient, Green designs. They’re as substantially built as required without shiny chrome bumpers; we let the music do the talking.

Low-heat and ultra-efficient switch-mode power supplies enable Bel Canto’s compact, half-size components; place two Bel Canto products in the space formerly occupied by a large, hot-running, inefficient class-A design. We’re just saying… A CD-2 Transport, a DAC3 and a pair of REF500 monoblock amps use less power while playing than a 40 watt light bulb! Keep your system powered up, no guilt, no waiting!

MSRP $2,495 * The new 24/96 DAC board can be slotted into existing 300iu integrated amps with a factory upgrade.

About Bel Canto
Bel Canto Design has developed award-winning products for more than 15 years using the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices. Included in the Bel Canto line are a series of CD players, DACs, integrated amps, mono and two-channel amplifiers, the e.One Pre3 stereo analog preamp, the companion PHONO3 with adjustable cartridge loading, and the new USB Link 24/96 that’s growing a pile of positive reviews, plus more exciting products on the way.

Our music products are made in Minnesota, and we subscribe to low-impact production methods that put little waste back into the system. Reduced packaging volume and lower transport weight reduces our environmental impact. We reuse or recycle more than 99% of the packing materials found in our incoming parts shipments, and each year we divert massive amounts of cardboard, paper, plastic film, and Styrofoam from landfills. Steel, aluminum, and other metal waste products are recycled and returned to the production stream.

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