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Kala ka alaaaamnineo12015-09-01 17:30
Akai m-10 reel to reel leo stierer22015-05-17 19:29
Acoustic adviceDebbie Smith52013-02-07 12:51
Room echoleo stierer102012-09-15 18:47
Acoustic Treatment Phase one (1)Berny132012-03-12 22:37
ComputerBerny52012-01-31 15:50
The requirements for soundproofingBerny42012-01-30 15:46
How to absorb 7-10khz only?Nency Michel42011-07-18 09:56
Acoustic treatment on a budget - my ideasNency Michel282011-01-17 06:38
Acoustical Measurements -- what are they?Nency Michel32011-01-06 05:37
DIY acoustic treatments?Nency Michel52011-01-06 05:26
Using the Available Space for Your Home Theater RoomNency Michel32011-01-06 05:19
Building my own bass trap...Nency Michel262010-12-01 11:33
Room brightnessNency Michel42010-12-01 11:29
I need ideas for room treatment pleaseNency Michel42010-12-01 11:22
Introduction to AcousticsNency Michel62010-11-26 05:06
Auralex Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusor SeriesDebra Pagan12010-11-04 15:39
Nesa one ologram audio solutionNency Michel22010-09-28 05:32
Help needed. karen32010-03-24 04:51
DIY bass trapJ. Springer32009-09-01 17:22
Replacing Carpet with Laminate Floor in Family RoomWarren Delmar22009-01-02 15:00
Monster cable interlink digitalBerny22008-02-04 03:59
Low End Upconverting 5.1 DVDleo stierer22007-08-23 18:07
Whats the silliest HiFi accessory ever?leo stierer122007-08-18 20:00
Owens Corning 703 with "wood back"?leo stierer42007-07-12 06:57
Sub PositioningNuck72007-07-06 17:45
Treated vs. Untreated RoomsAdmin12007-06-29 23:31
Cobra window closer fits? universal car alarmsibok22007-05-06 11:07
New Room Dimensions , All New SoundEssam Ali62007-04-22 22:02
Video Catalog SystemLarry Rivero12006-11-26 17:22
Acoustic Treatment Phase one ()michele locurto12006-10-20 23:57
Bass Traps - Not Just for Fisherman!Nuck42006-07-26 13:10
Question for an Acousticianbassman342006-07-04 02:55
Drummer isolating a new room Willie32006-06-05 19:59
Diffuser close behind listenerWillie32006-06-05 19:48
Blueray or HD DVD Willie62006-06-05 19:48
Is it possible to get good bass in a small room?Bill Collins42006-03-11 13:52
Speaker proximity to wallsFrosty72006-03-01 04:18
Rooms Without BoundariesRyanddd22006-02-21 06:50
MICHAEL GREEN AUDIO / Different Methods of Acoustical Control -- A ...mixneffect22006-01-10 07:23
Bass Trap width vs effectiveness mixneffect42005-12-28 21:04
Client with Difficult Problem in Seattlemixneffect42005-12-04 18:33
Sound quality lost when speakers removed from shelf to stands? WHY??mixneffect52005-12-04 04:33
The Soundstage: Home vs. Studio Control Roombudget minded52005-11-14 03:40
Portable Set Up Anywhere Acoustics: Is this possible?budget minded32005-11-14 03:31
Eighth Nerve Room Acoustics ProductsBill Laurent22003-01-21 17:45

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