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Pioneer VSX-9300TX Review

I finally received the VSX-9300TX Pioneer receiver that I ordered from Best Buy, four days early no less (gold star for Best Buy)!

First impressions
This thing is big and heavy! The receiver I was using is the VSX-912K is smaller in length, width, height and weight.

The shipping label listed the weight of the 9300 as 50.71 lbs! I had to remove one shelf from my entertainment center just to make space for it. It looks just like the Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX and the 56TXi right down to the piano black finish, but it does not have the heavy aluminum “Urushi” door, just the simple plastic door that comes standard on the non-Elite models.

However, it has the remote from the 56TXi which is a large 2 line lcd illuminated learning remote.
The rear of the 9300TX also mirrors the 54TX save for the addition of a USB input at the bottom left that will allow you to play music directly from your computer on the receiver.

The 9300TX is equipped with the Advanced version of Pioneer’s Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration, Pioneer’s microphone aided surround setup system. It also includes a serial port that allows you to connect the receiver to your computer in order to display/print the acoustic information the receiver measures while doing it’s calibration. Power output is rated at 110 wpc @ 8 ohms(20Hz-20kHz) with .09% THD. They do break this specification into front, center, surround and surround back so take from that what you will. It does have 2 2700uF capacitors so it should have decent power reserves. It seems to be endowed with all the current sound formats. These include Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS Neo:6, DTS 96/24, THX Select and THX Surround EX. Listening modes include all of the aforementioned, as well as THX Cinema, Dolby Pro Logic IIx Movie/Music, DTS Neo:6 Cinema/Music, DTS+Neo:6(Processes DTS 5.1 into 6.1 or 7.1), DTS+Neo:6+THX, DTS-ES+THX. It also includes some DSP schemes such as Action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Musical, Monofilm and 5/7-D Theater for movies and Classical, Chamber, Jazz, Rock, Dance and 5/7 CH stereo for music. It features 2 5-100 MHz Component video inputs and 1 output and includes component video upconversion, 5 composite and 5 s-video inputs and 3 outputs. 1 12volt trigger, 3 Optical digital inputs w/ 2 outputs and 2 coaxial digital inputs. It is also Multi room/Multi Source enabled, capable of displaying 2 different video feeds on 2 different monitors while using the Surround back channel as the stereo sound in another room.

Overall, it seems very nice so far, however, I’ve only had it for a few hours yet.

Forgot to mention that it does have Phono input and ground connection.  Also, all digital sound and component video inputs are assignable as well as re-nameable.

Ok, I keep leaving things out. Pricing might be something people would like to know so here goes! I purchased the Pioneer VSX-9300TX from Best Buy online. I had been watching the price fluctuate for a few months swinging from $1299 one week, to $799 the next week. Only to see it go back up to $1299 the following week. Then the next week it would drop to $899 and then it dropped down over 4th of July weekend to $809. At that time I discovered (more on that later) where I was able to get another $50 off($10 of every $100 spent up to $500). So I ended up spending $759 + $35 4yr warr. + $35 shipping with 6 months interest free financing. Ordered on July 1st shipped UPS ground and received on July 8th.

The only possibly better deal to be had would be to purchase it at who is offering it for $799 no tax and free shipping and as a bonus, you have the option of purchasing the JBL Northridge E150P powered subwoofer for an extra $50. This Sub sells for $359.99 at Best Buy online! Vanns regular price for this receiver is $1099.00 in case you were wondering, but they’ve had it for $799 for about a month now. If Vanns had offered a warranty similiar to Best Buy I probably would have purchased it there and bought the JBL Sub as well, but it’s nice to know that if my Pioneer ever goes down, I can drive it to Best Buy less than 5 miles from my place to get it serviced.

Back to ebates.

By creating an account at by merely entering in your e-mail address, a password and your mailing address. I was given access to a $10 off every $100 spend up to $500) coupon, utilized by accessing through ebates website. A few days after the transaction I got confirmation that my purchase qualified me for $7.XX rebate credited to my account. When my rebate amount reaches at least $10, they send you a check. If you guys are like me and scour the internet for prices before making almost any purchase you could end up getting a decent amount of money back. There are hundreds of online retailers that qualify including Best Buy and Circuit City, Office Depot and plenty of non-electronics centered retailers as well. Check it out you’ll be surprised.

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