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Marantz PM4200 Review

This review will cover only the phono stage of the amp as I am only using it for that purpose.

I picked this amp up on ebay for $207 AUD. Not bad considering the replacement PM4000 retails for around $600 AUD. I originally intended to purchase a PM66SE but that fell through and in my rush to get my vintage Marantz 6300 up and running I settled on the PM4200.

The setup is – Marantz PM4200 running into a set of B&W 600 S3’s – these were purchased to form part of my surround setup but I never got around to hooking them up so it was really good to finally hear them as well. As stated previously I am also running a Marantz 6300 turntable.

Perhaps it is a result of the amp and speaker combination, but I was quite surprised by the generous depth and detail that was on offer. I was expecting a little less bottom end but if anything it was, at times, too much. Even running flat bass and treble settings. Midrange was possibly a little vague at times but at this early stage I am going to put this down to the vatious levels of quality in both recording deficiancies and vinyl quality. Top end was vibrant and detailed.

I know that there was a great deal of nostalgia involved with this little project but after 6 hours of dusting off and playing some of the old collection it was only my wife telling me to turn it down so she could sleep that finally ended the session. It was certainly not a lack of listening pleasure.

I also ran the amp through a set of 602 S3’s and even a set of cheapish dream acoustics. If I had to pick a fault with this amp it would be that at times the music was a little to bright and forward.

All in all though – if you are looking for a bargain amp that has a phono stage the Marantz is well worth consideration.

I’d be interested to read others feedback on the 600 S3’s as well – I was absolutely blown away by their overall ability. For such a tiny speaker they are quite incredible.

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