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Wireworld Debuts the Ultimate HDMI/DVI Cable


Wireworld has introduced the world’s highest fidelity HDMI/DVI digital audio-video cable. Wireworld Silver Starlight 5-2, or “five squared,” maintains a greater degree of signal integrity and covers longer distances — over 100 feet — than any other HDMI and DVI cable.

“Silver Starlight 52 is radically different from all previous HDMI and DVI cables” said David Salz, Wireworld’s president and designer. “We were determined to take digital cable performance to a distinctly higher level, and while it was a tough climb, we succeeded.”

One example of the lengths Salz went to is evident in the design of the cable’s internal shields. The conductor shields in conventional HDMI and DVI cables consist of metallized Mylar tape and a drain wire, which perform well for their reasonable cost and small size. However, their performance of is far from that of the ideal shield, a solid copper tube. With this ideal in mind, Salz developed a compact, dense and flexible shield made of silver-clad copper, which provides nearly ideal shielding and conductivity, without introducing additional bulk or excessive cost.

These unique shields are an element of Wireworld’s newly developed Wavesquare 2 Digital Jitter Reduction Technology, which utilizes superior materials in a proprietary cable configuration to increase bandwidth, while minimizing signal loss, impedance variations, conductor length differentials, cross-talk and noise. The cable’s unique flat profile, which is only .16″ thick and .71″ wide, provides superior flexibility and widens the range of installation options. The signal conductors consist of silver-clad copper of 6N (>99.9999%) purity, which is produced through the OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process utilizing Wireworld’s proprietary Grain Optimization technique.

The anodized aluminum connector provides high durability and superior shielding. It also houses the proprietary Wavesquare 2 cable terminations, which maintain the cable’s precise 100-ohm impedance all the way to the plug contacts. These contacts are unique in that they are clad with a thick layer of silver, rather than the standard nickel, under their gold plating. This reduces the contact loss by more than half. Wavesquare 2 Digital Jitter Reduction Technology provides Silver Starlight 52 with wider bandwidth, lower loss, lower noise, lower timing differential, less cross-talk, and greater impedance accuracy than any previous HDMI or DVI cable.

Wireworld Silver Starlight 52 cables are UL-CL3 and CSA-FT4 rated for in-wall installation. They will be shipping early February and pricing will be announced at CES.

Wireworld, which was founded by Salz in 1992, offers a broad spectrum of very high quality full-range and bi-wire loudspeaker cables, audio and video interconnects, digital audio interconnects, power cords, and digital A/V cables. The company has an excellent reputation among audio and home theater enthusiasts for producing high quality cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.

For more information, visit or call 954-680-3848.

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