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WiLife Selects Intellon to Enable the World’s First HomePlug Video Security and Monitoring System

LϋkWerks Provides Professional Grade, Do-It-Yourself Digital Video Surveillance System for Homeowners and Small Businesses

CES, Las Vegas, NVJanuary 6, 2005 – Intellon Corporation, the world leader in powerline communications, today announced that WiLife, an emerging developer and marketer of professional grade, do-it-yourself digital video surveillance systems for the residential and small office marketplace, has selected the company’s HomePlug-compliant ICs for LϋkWerks – the world’s first powerline digital video security and monitoring system.

By embedding Intellon’s integrated circuits (ICs) into their video surveillance cameras, LϋkWerks provides the quality and reliability of a hardwired connection without incurring the costs associated with running new wires and/or the complexities associated with purchasing and configuring a wireless network. Because of the flexibility offered through this technology, up to six local cameras can be conveniently set up anywhere in a home or small business that has access to a power outlet.

“Through our unprecedented plug-and-play technology, a digital home security and surveillance system can now be an option for mainstream consumers,” said Andrew Hartsfield, CEO of WiLife. “Intellon’s powerline communications technology offers reliable and secured connectivity for our state-of-the-art product. Intellon is a pioneer of this technology; therefore it was a natural decision to select its ICs.”

Additionally, LϋkWerks cameras make the set-up process convenient, easy and quick. The cameras have multiple mounting options, including suction cups for the insides of windows, desktop cradles and wall and ceiling mounts. The window mounting option enables consumers to easily move the cameras to any location in the home or small business and simply plug them in for both power and connectivity.

“WiLife’s selection of Intellon’s ICs further validates the growing market for HomePlug-embedded applications,” said Cameron McCaskill, vice president of business development at Intellon Corporation. “We recently shipped our two millionth chip, which is a real testament to the value of HomePlug’s ease of use and reliability in establishing instant home networks.  We are continuing to work with consumer electronics companies and hardware manufacturers to embed Intellon’s ICs in the growing portfolio of HomePlug product categories, including DSL and cable gateways, satellite set top boxes, WiFi range extenders, voice over IP, and whole-house audio/video distribution.  Intellon is proud to work with WiLife to enable such a consumer-friendly yet professional grade digital video surveillance system.”

About LϋkWerks
LϋkWerks offers consumers a cost-effective digital monitoring system that increases their sense of security while away from home or business. With simple set-up using Universal Plug and Play and WiLife’s patent-pending window mounting apparatus, installation can be completed in a matter of minutes. LϋkWerks is the first video security and monitoring system truly targeted to mainstream consumers.

LϋkWerks’ powerful software runs silently on the consumer’s personal computer and provides features more commonly associated with professional grade digital video recorders costing thousands of dollars.  Its simple and intuitive user interface combined with aggressive Windows Media 9 compression technology allow consumers to:

  • Remotely view their cameras from anywhere in the world via a web browser;
  • Quickly search motion-based events recorded on the PC’s hard drive;
  • Receive email alerts of motion-triggered events detected by the cameras; and
  • Store weeks of motion-triggered video on a portion of their PC’s hard drive.

LϋkWerks is debuting at CES as part of the NextGen Digital Home and will be widely available in the second quarter of 2005.

About WiLife
WiLife is a developer and marketer of professional grade, do-it-yourself digital video surveillance systems for the residential and small office marketplace. The company was formed in 2002 to develop technology and systems that would enable widespread consumer adoption of digital video surveillance.  Over the last two years, WiLife has developed and manufactured a unique plug-and-play system, which combines advanced technology with do-it-yourself ease. Their first product LükWerks™ is the world’s first digital video security and monitoring system truly targeted to mainstream consumers.

About Intellon Corporation
Intellon is the world leader in powerline communications, providing HomePlug® compliant and other powerline integrated circuits for home networking, networked entertainment, BPL access and commercial applications.  Intellon created and patented the baseline technology for HomePlug 1.0, and is a major contributor to the baseline technology for the new 200-Mbps HomePlug AV powerline standard.  With over two million HomePlug ICs sold, Intellon holds the dominant market share of the rapidly growing HomePlug market. Intellon’s ICs are used to create instant networks, enabling PCs, broadband modems, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and audio/video devices to communicate instantly over existing power lines in the home.  HomePlug embedded products can be found at numerous retailers, both online and conventional, including CompUSA, Fry’s Electronics, Circuit City and MicroCenter. Intellon is a founding sponsor and member of the board of directors of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Ocala, Florida, with offices in San Jose and Toronto.

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