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Wi-Ex zBoost Active Antenna Amplifier


Wi-Ex announced its new zBoost Active Antenna Amplifier designed to provide maximum in-door cell phone signal performance in signal-challenged buildings and demanding applications.

The zBoost Active Antenna Amplifier optimizes the performance of the external zBoost CI cell phone signal booster antenna reducing dropped calls and improving cell phone signal indoors, as well as maximizing signal and speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology, smart phones and use of data on mobile phones.


  • Fewer antennas: A zBoost CI external antenna with a zBoost Active Antenna Amplifier can be connected to four zBoost base units while providing a higher quality and level of cell phone signal.
  • More distance: Prior to the Active Antenna Amplifier the maximum feet of coax cable from the external antenna to the base zBoost unit was 75 feet. With the Active Antenna Amplifier contractors can cover more distance with less degradation. Installers can route the RG-6 where it is convenient (over 250 feet) rather than struggle to keep it less than 75 feet.
  • New locations: In the past some locations were unable to benefit from a zBoost. With the ability to utilize fewer antennas coupled with the use of longer coax cable, contractors can provide an improved cell phone signal to many of those clients who previously were unable to enjoy the increased cell phone signal provided by zBoost.

The dual-band active antenna amplifier consists of a self-contained, in-line unit to be mounted with the Signal Antenna. No additional cable runs are needed.

“The new product utilizes an innovative design configuration to deliver unparalleled value: maximum performance at a lower total solution cost with greater installation flexibility and ease. No other booster manufacturer offers a similar device.”
— Lloyd R. Meese, CEO of Wi-Ex

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